Galliano Ristretto

70cl, 30%

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Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: Clear, virtually opaque, extremely dark brown.
  • Aroma: Bitter chocolate and thick espresso coffee with burnt toast and liquorice.
  • Taste: Full-flavoured, close to that of a strong caffè corretto with dark chocolate covered heavily roasted coffee beans.
  • Aftertaste: Oily espresso with lingering peppermint-like freshness.
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Galliano Ristretto

Galliano Ristretto is made from two varieties of coffee beans, with different levels of roasting, 55% Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil, and 45% Robusta beans from India and Kenya. The Arabica beans give a chocolaty, creamy, delicate top note while the Robusta contributes body and bitter notes.

A half-litre bottle of the delicious coffee-flavoured Ristretto liqueur from legendary producers Galliano. Made using a combination of strong, bitter Indian and Kenyan Robusta beans and Brazilian and Colombian creamy chocolate Arabica beans. The varieties complement and balance each other exceptionally.

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