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  • Aroma: Sweet aromas; lots of stone fruits and lime.
  • Palate: Medium-plus sweetness. Very thick mouthfeel with acidic prickle to balance and a very creamy bubble. Pronounced stone fruits, apricots, and honey to start, then add pears and apples to the mid-palate.  With a little time in the glass you also get lime and orange flavours.
  • Finish: A floral finish, together with stone fruits and honey.

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MARTINI is a long-standing classic where expert winemaking meets carefully picked wild botanicals. 

Originating in the southeast region of Piedmont, Italy,  MARTINI Asti exquisitely captures the spirit of Asti’s sun-kissed hills that create the ideal environment for growing Moscato Bianco grapes. Hence, it was granted the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (D.O.C.G.) designation for its fine quality. 

Sparkling Wine Master Blender Livio Prand was the one who gave life to MARTINI Asti’s masterful blend. Continuing the company’s legacy of craftsmanship, each bottle of sparkling wine celebrates Asti’s noble grapes—Bianco Moscato.

Tasting notes

Is Martini Asti sweet or dry? With a low alcohol content of only 7.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), MARTINI Asti is a sweet sparkling wine with a distinctive fruity aroma. Upon drinking, the bubbly beverage tickles your tastebuds with fresh notes of vine peach and sweet wild sage. Then, it finishes with a tangy kick of fresh pear and pineapple flavours lingering in your mouth.

Is MARTINI Asti a Champagne? 

MARTINI Asti is a sparkling wine made from the finest produce of Moscato Bianco grapes grown in Asti, the heart of Piedmont. Despite its favourable climate, the steep hillsides of the vineyard make it difficult for machines to operate. Thus, harvesting is mainly done by hand, causing the process to be labour intensive.

Expertly harvested by 300 small growers, known as the Conferenti collectively, the grapes are quickly pressed to retain their naturally fragrant and fruity character. The freshly squeezed grape juice, called ‘mosto,’ is then fermented with yeast and sugar inside a stainless steel pressure tank using the Charmat method, also known as the tank method. 

Fermenting is done in a closed container, so carbon dioxide emissions are trapped inside and dissolve into the wine. Once the wine meets the desired level of alcohol, it goes through a chilling process. Then, the yeast and lees will be filtered out to prevent a second fermentation before bottling.

What is the difference between Asti and Champagne?

As sparkling wines are bottled directly after fermentation without additional ageing, the Italian Asti wines have a fresh and naturally sweet character preserving the aromatic Moscato grapes. In comparison, champagne has a more nutty and toasty flavour from the ageing process on the wine’s lees. 

On the other hand, the production process of champagne consists of two fermentation phases, unlike MARTINI Asti that only has one. Firstly, the grape juice undergoes the tank method before being blended with other reserve wines like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier to create a distinctive flavour. 

Right after, it goes through a secondary fermentation, known as malolactic conversion, before being stored in a cool cellar to age. As a result, champagne has a toasty flavour compared to MARTINI Asti, which is much sweeter and has softer carbonation.

Champagne is often also called bubbles or sparkling wine. However, it is actually illegal to label just any product as ‘champagne’ unless it originates from the Champagne region of France. Even so, people generally use the term to refer to sparkling wine. 

Serving tips and food pairings for MARTINI Asti

How does one enjoy MARTINI Asti? This light-bodied drink is popularly served as an aperitif. To sip on its own, simply pour it into a chilled wine glass, and drop in several ice cubes to enjoy. Alternatively, pour it into a rock glass over ice and top it with mint leaf garnish.

Besides that, its delicate blend of sweet-scented summer fruits makes it a delightful after-dinner refreshment to pair with desserts like ice cream or a bowl of ripe peaches and apricots.

If you are feeling adventurous, whip up a quick cocktail to sip on! 

Notable awards

  • International Wine Challenge 2016 – Bronze
  • International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017 – Silver 
  • Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 – Silver 
  • 2018 Ultimate Wine Challenge – Great Value

MARTINI Asti is a superb choice for those looking for a fun and light-hearted indulgence. Buy a bottle now at low price from and refresh your tastebuds with this delectable bubbly that is perfect for casual parties and gatherings.

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