Singleton Glen Ord 18 Years Old Set

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Color: Warm golden colour with toasted toffee shine.

Nose: Rich, with strong notes of almond oil followed by flavours of overripe oranges and dried figs. Adding water can arouse the waxy notes and fruit-based flavour with a hint of pea.

Palate: Attractively start with cocoa with a touch of sweetness. Remind you of biscuits coated in dark chocolate. Smooth and rich like walnut whips, with a hint of gingery spiciness. End with coffee and milk.

Finish: Long and perfect, warm and pleasing, with a touch of cinnamon and rose. Finish with a sweet almond taste on your taste buds.

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Singleton Glen Ord 18 Years Old Set

Singleton 18 year old single malt scotch whisky is matured in a high proportion of American oak casks with a small portion of European oak casks to balance the liquid. The result is smooth, sublime and full of character notes of sweet, stewed fruits, sumptuous berries, dark toffee and silky honey.

It comes with 2 whisky glasses.

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