Our commitment to delivering your orders throughout West Malaysia is unwavering, with each package handled meticulously to ensure its safe and secure arrival.

Here is a detailed outline of our delivery protocols:

    We utilize premium protective packaging materials for dispatching each order.
    Special care is dedicated to the secure transportation of heavy and fragile glass bottles.
    Protective wrapping is strategically applied in multiple layers for added security.
    Advanced air-inflated packaging is employed to provide superior protection against potential impacts.


Our standard deliveries take place during regular business hours, Monday to Friday. To ensure timely delivery, someone must be present to sign for the package.

Upon processing the order — which might face delays if certain items are out of stock (we will promptly notify you in such cases) — we use a 24-hour delivery service for most destinations in Malaysia. Delivery fees are based on the product’s weight and the delivery address.


We kindly advise that while we strive for punctuality, we cannot ensure the timely delivery by our couriers, especially during adverse weather conditions.


We meticulously package your order to guarantee its pristine condition upon arrival. However, there are instances when items might sustain damage during transit.

Should a package visibly exhibit damage or leakage upon delivery, we kindly request that you decline the parcel and instruct the courier to return the goods to us.


  • We provide comprehensive insurance at no extra charge for all deliveries within Malaysia.
  • By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you consent to any relevant additional charges associated with your order.


We gladly accommodate delivery to an address distinct from your billing address. To facilitate this, please specify the preferred delivery location during checkout.

Additionally, we can dispatch your order to your primary workplace, provided there is an authorized individual present to receive and endorse the delivery on your behalf.


Orders designated for delivery to Post Box Numbers will not be processed. Dispatch will be postponed until we obtain a valid delivery address from you.


We regret to inform you that at the moment, we are unable to ship to Sabah and Sarawak.


Our delivery timelines are a testament to our commitment to prompt and efficient service. Delivery duration is contingent upon your location within West Malaysia:

  • For Express Delivery, orders are typically delivered within 1 to 3 working days.
  • For Cold Chain Delivery, orders are typically delivered within 2 to 5 working days.

Rest assured that every effort is made to ensure your orders arrive as swiftly as possible.


We are committed to delivering your orders promptly and securely, which is why we collaborate with esteemed international logistics partners.

Rest assured, we offer delivery services to all addresses within West Malaysia only.

Below you will find a comprehensive outline of our shipping fees along with the anticipated delivery timeframes.

Express Delivery 

Express Delivery Charges Calculation:

Our shipping fees are methodically derived from the cumulative volumetric weight of the items in your shopping cart.


Let’s take the example of an order that includes a standard 70cl bottle weighing approximately 1.80kg.

When packaged for shipment, the overall weight increases to 2.40kg.

Referring to our meticulously designed shipping rate chart, the fee for shipping an order of this total weight within West Malaysia is established at RM 5.94.

Express Delivery Charges (West Malaysia)

– RM 5.19 for the first 2kg
– Above 15 kg, additional RM 1.10 for each subsequent kg

Express Delivery Charges Table

Chargeable Weight up to (KG) WITHIN WEST MALAYSIA (RM)
0.01 – 1.00 RM 5.19
1.01 – 2.00 RM 5.19
2.01 – 3.00 RM 5.94
3.01 – 4.00 RM 6.68
4.01 – 5.00 RM 7.42
5.01 – 6.00 RM 8.48
6.01 – 7.00 RM 9.54
7.01 – 8.00 RM 10.60
8.01 – 9.00 RM 11.66
9.01 – 10.00 RM 12.72
10.01 – 11.00 RM 13.78
11.01 – 12.00 RM 14.84
12.01 – 13.00 RM 15.90
13.01 – 14.00 RM 16.96
14.01 – 15.00 RM 18.02
Above 15KG Additional RM 1.10 for subsequent kg

– Delivered on or before Friday, 26 April 2024

– Delivery within West Malaysia is typically expected to take between 1 to 3 working days.

Cold Chain Delivery

Cold Chain Delivery Charges Calculation:

Our fine wines are shipped using cold chain logistics, and delivery charges are meticulously calculated, incorporating a RM 40 charge for any 6 bottles of Fine Wine (Mix Quantity Allowed)


Let’s take the example of an order that includes 7 bottles of fine wine.

Referring to our meticulously designed shipping rate chart, the fee for shipping 7 bottles of wine within West Malaysia is established at RM 80.

Thus, we suggest ordering the fine wine in multiples of 6 bottles to save more on the cold chain delivery fee.

Cold Chain Delivery Charges (West Malaysia)

– RM 40 cold chain delivery for any 6 bottles of fine wine.

Express Delivery Charges Table

Chargeable Quantity WITHIN WEST MALAYSIA (RM)
1 – 6 RM 40
7 – 12 RM 80
13 – 18 RM 120
19 – 24 RM 160
25 – 30 RM 200
31 – 36 RM 240
37 – 42 RM 280
43 – 48 RM 320
49 – 54 RM 360
55 – 60 RM 400
61 – 66 RM 440
67 – 72 RM 480
73 – 80 RM 520
81 – 86 RM 560
87 – 92 RM 600
93 – 98 RM 640

– Cold chain delivery within West Malaysia is typically expected to take between 2 to 5 working days due to limited cold chain logistic availability.


To add even more value to your shopping experience, we’re introducing free delivery on every 9th, 19th, and 29th of every month!

Mark your calendars, because on these special dates, you can enjoy the convenience of free shipping on all your orders.