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Champagne is often also called bubbles or sparkling wine. Although people generally use the term champagne to refer to sparkling wine, it is actually illegal to label any product as ‘champagne’ unless it comes from the Champagne region of France.

The process of champagne production is highly regulated and complex. There are three primary grapes used in each champagne bottle which are chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. There are also a variety of styles and sweetness levels. For example, you may have come across the term brut champagne more than once on a label.

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Styles of Champagne

There are a few styles of champagne such as the:

  • Blanc de Blanc - this champagne style is made from white chardonnay grapes.
  • Blanc de Noir - this is white wine made from black grapes like Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier
  • Rose - this is a blend of red and white wine, giving it a pink champagne colour to it
  • Non-vintage (NV) - a blend of different wine vintages to achieve a consistent taste.
  • Vintage champagne - this refers to champagne that comes must be made from 100% grapes harvested in the same year.

Sweetness levels in Champagne

The sweetness levels in champagne refers to the sugar, also known as dosage that is added to the bubbly. There are 7 levels of sweetness when it comes to champagne

  • Brut Naturelle or Non Dosage - no sugar is added, bone dry
  • Extra Brut - very dry
  • Brut - very dry to fairly dry. This is the most common style of champagne now
  • Extra Sec or Extra Dry - medium dry
  • Sec - medium dry or medium sweet
  • Demi Sec - sweet
  • Doux - dessert level sweet

Most champagne is made from a mixture of grapes, vintages and vineyards. The bubbly is considered one of the greatest beverages in the world. You may have heard of iconic champagne brands such as Chardonnay, Moet & Chandon or Dom Perignon. These are actually just a few types of champagne that are found in the market. You can expand your palate greatly by tasting the champagnes we carry like the Billecart Salmon Brut Rose.

Drink bubbly out of a champagne flute as it speaks of elegance. As for champagne price, you may start out with a bottle of Dom Perignon Blanc Vintage 2010 as the Dom Preginon price is fairly reasonable for bubbly.

The best champagne is reserved for the best seasons in life. Although it can be rather difficult to match each individual’s taste and preference when it comes to finding the right champagne, it is suitable for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, you can also just celebrate life in general with a champagne bottle! It would also be better to do research on champagne food pairings if you are drinking a glass for dinner in order to maximise its taste. Pop a bottle today and enjoy it with friends and family.