CHANDON Garden Spritz

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Tasting Notes:

Appearance: A pale, straw-like hue with a subtle effervescence that creates a dance of tiny bubbles in the glass, reminiscent of a garden in bloom.

Nose: Notes of fresh citrus, particularly zesty lemon and vibrant orange, dominate the forefront. Accompanying these citrusy scents are delicate hints of elderflower, imparting a touch of floral elegance to the aroma.

Palate: The first sip is a symphony of flavors that dance across your taste buds. There’s a gentle sweetness, akin to ripe stone fruits and a subtle infusion of elderflower that adds a delightful floral dimension. The citrus notes continue to shine, offering a refreshing and zesty quality, balanced by herbal undertones that provide depth to the overall taste.

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CHANDON Garden Spritz

CHANDON Garden Spritz is a blend of exceptional sparkling wine and a unique bitters recipe. Specially crafted with navel and blood oranges and macerated with dried orange peels, herbs and spices that are carefully selected from the finest terroirs in the world.

Our unique story began with a desire to celebrate the diverse terroirs of the world. We planted our first wide-spread roots Argentina in 1959. This is where we were inspired to source the best, local ingredients to create Garden Spritz. Made from our awarded “Best Argentinean Sparkling Wine 2020” (Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships), blended with our home-made orange-bitter liqueur recipe, made with natural extracts from orange peels, herbs and a secret mix of spices.

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