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Best Rum Brands in Malaysia

Rum is a type of liquor that is made by fermentation and distillation of sugar. It is usually sweet and tastes slightly of toasted sugar. This sugar we’re talking about can be either sugarcane, syrup or molasses and are usually aged in wood casks before bottling.

Find the best rum brands in our listings below. It is one of the most popular liquors and is used to create the ever famous mojito! Take your time to choose what you need or feel like today.

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Best Rum Alcohol in the World

Today, the best rums are produced worldwide. Before that, during the mid-1700s, it was mostly made in the Caribbean and South America. Good things needed to be shared and soon it became popular in New England and from there, throughout the world.

Top rum brands usually use sugarcane. This key ingredient is what makes rum so special as compared to other types of liquor. Many producers age rum in wood casks. The type of wood used is often the determining factor to whether a producer is producing a best rated rum or not.

Some producers also use bourbon barrels to age the rum. These bourbon barrels cannot be used in whisky’s production and so, you may get underlying whisky-like flavours in your rum instead.

As usual, rum produced in different parts of the world has different distinctive tastes so it is rather hard to name the best rum. One thing most rums share in terms of characteristics is that it has a sweet flavour. However, the sweetness can vary quite widely.

You also have to look to the preferences on how a top rated rum balances its smoothness, richness, smokiness and drinkability. These characteristics also make a great cocktail!

There are different styles and types of rum produced globally. You may like your rum light, or gold or dark or spiced. So many types! 

Light rum is also referred to as white or silver rum. This is the most common type of rum and is clean and has a rather light flavour. Usually, white rums are used to make cocktails. One of the best white rum you can try if you are just starting out is the FLOR DE CANA Extra Seco 4 Year Old.

There is also the ever-popular gold rum. This refers to medium-boiled rums and tastes smooth and rich - the best sipping rum, in our opinion. Usually aged in oak casks, the smooth texture of gold rum can be used to replace light rum in some darker cocktails. Try the Angostura 5-Year-Old Gold Rum and let us know if it goes down smoothly.

Another in the category of best kind of rum is the dark rum. These are the richest rums in terms of flavour and add a nice sweet flavour to cocktails. The best rum to buy when it comes to dark rum is the PLANTATION Original Dark Rum. The fruity taste and spicy finish is an ideal companion for cocktails.

There are still many different types of rum to test out such as flavoured rum and aged rum so test them all out and see which are the best types of rum according to you. Open up your palette and explore new flavours when it comes to these top-rated rums listed above.