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Old & Rare Whisky Online

Buy old and rare whisky online in Malaysia!

In our journey towards bringing the best whiskeys to our dear customers, we have grown our collection of old and rare whisky into a rather extensive one. Over the years, old and rare spirits have made their way into our collection. These bottles are not just expensive whisky, they are known for their investment value. 

At Whisky.my, we have a wonderful collection of limited and old editions of whiskeys including the limited edition Macallan M Black Decanter valued at RM32,900! Other rare bottles of single malts, bourbon, vintage Irish whiskey have also been added to our collection. Vintage whiskey collectors from around the world have approached us to purchase old and rare whisky sets.

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Limited Edition ( Last Bottle )

Old and Rare Whisky

Our exclusive ranges of whiskey are from closed distilleries, limited-run independent bottlings and special blends.  Buying vintage whisky may not be for everyone but it is indeed a market worth exploring if you are interested in having an alternative investment. Although the majority of people enjoy the taste of whisky and want to sample the different varieties available, others lean more towards high end whiskey as an investment. There are a few things to consider when picking out a bottle of whisky as an investment: 


The rarer the whisky, the higher its value. Whiskey that has limited runs or limited editions from established distilleries are quite popular. There are also whiskeys from distilleries that have shut down. The Port Ellen old and rare whisky is a prime example. The distillery shut down in 1983. This rare collection went for $3,400 a bottle back in 2016.


How recognizable is the brand you are buying? There are times when limited edition does not mean it has any value as the brand recognition is much lower.  Bottles from iconic whisky brands such as Macallan, Ardbeg, Highland Park or Glenmorangie tend to have a higher value and sells better at auctions.

Collectible Range 

Over the years, distilleries have deliberately released different series of special editions that will eventually form a collection. Owning the entire series increases the value of the fine and rare whisky bottles exponentially.  If you are indeed interested in expanding your whisky investment, you can either buy at an auction, buy direct or buy whiskey online. When buying, be aware that there may be forgeries out there. Always do your research beforehand and never buy an opened bottle of collectable whisky.  For better quality assurance, old whiskey can be purchased online through Whisky.my. All the bottles are guaranteed genuine and are valued at a fair price for collectors and whiskey lovers around the world.