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Tonic Water – Best Tonic Water Brands for Cocktails!

The famous whiskey tonic is a tall, refreshing drink that is a delicious mix with your Irish whisky. Tonic water and whisky is a delightful drink! And the key ingredient to making it taste so good is tonic water. 

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Some may wonder what is tonic water?

Tonic water is a carbonated drink containing quinine. You may have heard of quinine tablets before. Don’t worry! Tonic water only contains about 83mg of quinine per liter or less, which is way lower in concentration than that of quinine tablets (500 to 1,000mg).  Originating from the bark of the cinchona tree, the quinine in tonic water has been used as part of a malaria treatment and it is also known that quine is for leg cramps.  The popular drink, gin and tonic, originally came from plain old quinine tonic water. The bitter taste was so unpleasant that the British officers added a mixture of water, sugar, lime and gin to the quinine so that the drink could go down easier. This is also part of the reason why it is called Indian tonic water However, the tonic water as we know it now, is actually Schweppes tonic water. It rightfully deserves the title of original tonic water because it was the first of its kind launched in 1871.  Tonic water ingredients consist of water infused with quinine. Because of the quine, it tastes horribly bitter. This is why gin and whisky is added to the mix, together with some sugar or fruit acids.  Popular tonic water brands include San Pellegrino and Fever Tree. For a mix, you can try the SAN PELLEGRINO Acqua Ton which is fresh and delicate with a note of sparkling effervescence, making it crisp and light on the palate. Perfect to be mixed into your whisky and vodka for a refreshing drink. You can also try FEVER TREE Premium Indian if you are aiming for the Fever Tree tonic water brand or FEVER TREE Club Soda. To achieve different tastes soda water and tonic water are used differently. The main difference between soda water vs tonic water is that they contain different types of minerals. 

Which is better - tonic water vs soda water

Soda water, also known as club soda, wins in terms of calories. Club soda wins when in this challenge of club soda vs tonic water, because tonic water contains about 83 calories and sugar!  To pair tonic water with alcohol in it, keep in mind that tonic will give a hint of bitterness to either gin or vodka. You can also mix wine, lots of ice and tonic water together. A ration of wine to tonic water at 3:1 is best but you can always change it according to your mood and preferred tastes.  Can you drink tonic water by itself? Yes you can but because of its complex and bitter flavours, usually when you drink tonic water, it is already mixed with some sort of liquor such as vodka and garnished with a citrusy fruit already.