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Buy SINGLETON Whisky Online in Malaysia

With almost two centuries of experience producing whiskies, The Singleton has perfected the art of crafting smooth, balanced single-malt Scotch whiskies renowned for their approachable taste and rich character. Where age-old tradition blends with contemporary appreciation, the unique characteristics of The Singleton whisky are timeless, enchanting discerning palates across generations.

History and origin

The Singleton’s roots are deeply entrenched in the whisky-making heritage of Scotland. The Singleton brand was initially developed to make single-malt whisky more accessible. Its whiskies, rich and smooth, appeal to a broad spectrum of discerning palates.

Where is Singleton whisky from?


The Singleton is not merely a single distillery; it is, in fact, a collective name for a group of three distinct distilleries, each with its unique history and character.

Its first distillery, Glen Ord Distillery, was opened in 1838, located in the Scottish Highlands. It is the only remaining single-malt scotch whisky distillery on the Black Isle.

Its second, Dufftown Distillery, was established in 1895 in Speyside, Scotland.

Its third, Glendullan Distillery, was built in 1896, also in Speyside, Scotland.

Glen Ord’s whisky was initially reserved for Asia. Dufftown was only for Europe, while Glendullan was for North America.

With the change in marketing direction, The Singleton no longer segregates their whiskies. Instead, all three distilleries produce for all markets as The Singleton positions itself as one of the world’s top single-malt brands.

What kind of whisky is Singleton?

The Singleton is a range of single-malt Scotch whiskies produced at different distilleries in Scotland. This diverse collection includes The Singleton of Glen Ord, The Singleton of Glendullan, and The Singleton of Dufftown. They each offer a unique expression and flavor profile that reflect the distinct characteristics of their respective regions and distilling traditions around a core 12-year-old.

Over the years, the brand has expanded its range with older expressions, such as THE SINGLETON of Dufftown 21 Year Old and THE SINGELTON of Dufftown 25 Year Old, each with unique complexity and depth. There are also those with no age statement.

Singleton whisky alcohol percentage

The alcohol by volume (ABV) of Singleton whisky depends on the specific expression. Standard releases are bottled at an ABV of 40% to 43%. Special releases or cask-strength editions might have a higher ABV.

Serving Tips

The Singleton whisky reveals different facets of its character through how it is served: neat, with a drop of water, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Popular cocktails that use Singleton whisky

The Singleton whisky is versatile and does well in a variety of cocktails. From classic whisky sours to more innovative concoctions, The Singleton adds a touch of elegance and complexity to any cocktail. They include:

  • Singleton Plus Two
  • Singleton and Soda
  • Autumnal Glendullan Cocktail
  • Scottish Cooler
  • Rob Roy

Food Pairings

Elevate your dining and drinking experience by pairing The Singleton 12 years with creamy cheeses and decadent desserts. For older expressions like The Singleton whisky 18 years, pair it with dark chocolate or a well-aged cheese.

Pairing with cigars

The whisky’s flavor profile and the cigar’s strength should be considered when pairing cigars with Singleton whiskies.

  • Robust and full-bodied cigars: Whiskies with similar characteristics are recommended to complement these cigars.
  • Medium-bodied cigars: Highland Scotch whiskies, which offer fruity sweetness and a hint of spice, are recommended for cigars with flavors like coffee or cocoa.
  • Maduro Cigars: Maduro cigars, known for their dark fruit and nutty flavors, are suitable for pairing with sherried Scotch whiskies.
  • Personal preference: The art of cigar and whisky pairing is subjective. Experiment to discover new combinations.

Best occasions to enjoy Singleton whisky

The Singleton whisky is perfect for a range of occasions. It fits the bill whether it is a quiet evening at home, a celebratory toast, or a gift for that special someone.

Awards and Recognition

The Singleton has received numerous accolades and recognition in the industry, a testament to its exceptional taste. Some of them include:

  • Double Gold Award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 for The Singleton of Glendullan 12-Year-Old. The Singleton bagged four Double Gold Awards and a Silver Award at this competition.
  • Gold Award at the San Francisco Spirits Competition 2017 for The Singleton Dufftown 12-Year-Old.
  • San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016
  • The International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2013, 2014, and 2017
  • International Spirits Challenge 2014
  • World Whiskies Awards 2014
  • The Scotch Whisky Masters 2013 and 2014
  • Monde Selection in 1996 and 1997

Savor The Singleton’s legacy in every drop

The Singleton is more than just a whisky; it reflects the rich heritage of Scottish whisky-making, a craft honed and perfected over centuries. Each bottle from The Singleton distilleries – Glen Ord, Dufftown, and Glendullan – is a tribute to the unique characteristics of its origin, offering a taste that is both distinct and familiar.

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Indulge in a timeless and innovative legacy as you discover your favorite Singleton expression. Buy Singleton whisky online!

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