Alizé – Red Passion

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Alizé Red Passion’s distinct and delicious flavors can be savored on the rocks or in unique, colorful cocktails like the Party Crasher.

This luscious fusion is remarkably balanced with sweet, vivid passion fruit and crisp, tart cranberries.

Alizé is a line of alcoholic drinks. It is produced in several varieties that can be consumed “neat” or can be used in mixed drinks. As of 2008, the line consisted of three cognac-based liqueurs, two vodka-based liqueurs, and two grades of cognac.


Alizé Red Passion

Alizé Red Passion expertly blends the alluring flavor of ripe, exotic passion fruit and the all-natural juices of fresh, tangy cranberries with premium French Vodka.

Alizé is a brand that is immensely loved by the likes of Diddy and the late 2Pac. With fans like that there is no doubt about the French brand being absolutely hip and blessed with a clear premium character. Which can be easily explained by the company’s decision to work without any additives. Instead the house focuses on sheer fruitiness and finest VS cognac – as is the case with Alizé Red Passion!

Alizé Red Passion is produced with the use of only the best natural ingredients such as cranberries from North America, delicious peach juice from Chile and an exotic passionfruit mix from Brazil. It is completely left up to you how you want to drink this glaring red liqueur! You can relish it all by itself on the rocks or with a splash or two of lemon juice. It could also give you a real kick when you mix it with an energy drink or a fizzy brut champagne – just follow the demands of your tastebuds!

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