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Tasting notes:
Color: Clear
Nose: The aroma is floral and bright with a citrus note that refreshes.
Palate: The flavor profile is dry and balanced with a lightly creamy mouth-feel and a strong leaning toward the florals, plus a hint of herbaceous bouquet.
Finish: The finish is clean and brisk with an almost cleansing after-appeal.

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CAMBRIDGE Dry Gin. Fresh English Botanicals. From a Recipe Grown in the Distiller’s Garden.You hold in your hand the perfect expression of the country garden. Local, seasonal botanicals are distilled individually to preserve the purity of their essence. Only then are these perfectly refined elements expertly blended into a gin of outstanding quality. Traditional juniper combines with fresh basil, rosemary, rose petal, angelica seed, blackcurrant leaf and the effervescent citrus finish of lemon verbena. The result is an homage to both our heritage and to the aromatic, sensorial delight of an English meadow at the height of summer. A terrific gem of a gin from the Cambridge Distillery, made with Macedonian juniper and a selection of botanical capturing the essence of all four seasons. Features blackcurrant leaf, lemon verbena, angelica seed, rose petals, violet petals and basil and rosemary from the distillery gardens.

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