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  • Colour: Clear
  • Aroma: Scents of fresh flowers like jasmine, honeysuckle and of course some juniper berries.
  • Palate: Anise, citrus and cinnamon with a touch of pepper, juniper is still present.
  • Finish: Moderate in length the finish is quite piquant, all in all it is best neat or in a cocktail!

CITADELLE Gin, france is triple-distilled from wheat and spring water. Before being steeped in neutral alcohol, the master distiller selects the botanicals that will complement the freshness of the juniper with tart, floral and exotic flavours. A work of fine balance, it allows the flavours and aromas to intermingle in a perfect harmony. Once the steeping is complete, the infusion is then distilled in small Charentais pot stills with an open flame. The slow distillation allows the distiller to precisely select the heart of the gin, whilst the relatively low swan’s neck favours the concentration of essential oils. All of which contributing to the gin’s aromatic quality.

It’s unusual to see a distillery opt for open flames as a way of heating the stills. The practice essentially died out as steam jackets became available giving distillers incredible precision over the heating time and overall temperatures.

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