ELEPHANT Strength Gin

50cl, 57%

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  • Aroma: first yields a subtle juniper aroma
  • Palate: complex but strikingly smooth, encompassing floral, fruity and spicy flavours

ELEPHANT Strength Gin

ELEPHANT Strength Gin. The name is no coincidence. They hold elephants close to their heart. They proudly donate 15% of proceeds to foundations fighting the illegal ivory trade.

They even use botanicals from across their natural habitat to make our gin, including Lion’s Tail, Buchu and Baobab, that embody the spirit of Africa.

This Elephant Strength Gin is a variation of the Elephant London Dry Gin with the same ingredients, yet different ratios to create a full-bodied, yet perfectly balanced gin of 57% ABV. The Elephant Strength truly embraces the characteristics of our favorite gentle giants: it is stronger, more powerful, yet impressively balanced.

Each bottle is named after one of the legendary Magnificent Seven elephants from South Africa’s Kruger National Park. These tuskers – Kambaku, Joao, Dzombo, Mafunyane, Ndlulamithi, Shawu and Shingwedzi – each had tusks weighing more that 50kg each and live on in their hearts and spirits.

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