Espolòn Tequila Blanco

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  • Aroma: Delicate, sweet agave; floral, tropical fruit and lemon zest aromas; hint of pepper.
  • Palate: Bright agave flavor, a nice wave of peppery, slightly ginger-y spice rises up at the end.
  • Finish: That peppery quality dominates and lingers longest with a little of that sweet citrus and earthy agave making an early appearance.

Espolòn Tequila Blanco

Espolòn Tequila Blanco. Espolon Tequila Blanco is a tequila produced at the Destiladora San Nicola in the famous hills of Los Altos in Jalisco. At that facility piñas of the hand selected agave are cooked for 18 to 20 hours prior to their fermentation.

This tequila’s eye-catching new packaging is based on 19th century engravings and depicts Ramón the rooster, as well as the skeletal figures of Guadalupe and Rosarita, legendary heroes of Mexico’s struggle for independence.

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