FAUSTINO VII Blanco 2014

75cl, 11.5%

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  • Colour: Pale gold.
  • Aroma: Citrus, stone fruits and floral.
  • Palate: Crisp, vanilla, citrus.
  • Finish: Crisp and long.
  • Food Pairings: Pasta with vegetables, fish in green sauce, carpaccio, chicken, and turkey.

FAUSTINO VII Blanco 2014

Faustino VII Blanco is a white wine from the D.O. La Rioja produced by the Faustino winery. This wine is made using only Macabeo grapes.

The grapes used for Faustino VII Blanco are taken from 650 hectares of vineyards owned by the winery. These vineyards are located between the towns of Laguardia and Oyón. The vineyards are cultivated with the upmost care, following the wineries teachings after decades of experience in the industry.

Once the grapes for Faustino VII Blanco have been transported to the winery, they undergo the various processes of vinification and production using traditional methods.

Faustino VII Blanco is not aged before it is bottled and marketed.

Faustino is one of the most well known wineries from the Rioja region, with their products now being exported to over 70 countries globally. The 2 pillars that support their work is the love and respect towards nature and the vineyards.

In 1861 Eleuterio Martinez Arzok set out on a journey, selling his Rioja wines direct from the barrel, working from the back of a horse-drawn cart. Thus began Bodegas Faustino, today Spain’s largest producer of Reserva and Gran Reserva Rioja wines. In the late 1950s, Eleuterio’s equally adventurous descendant, Faustino Martinez, launched the Faustino label. Source of over 25% of all Reserva and Gran Reserva Riojas sold abroad, Faustino is a proud custodian of the Rioja’s international reputation for world-class wines

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