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HENNESSY VSOP Team Wang Limited Edition

HENNESSY VSOP Team Wang Limited Edition

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    Hennessy V.S.O.P presents a limited edition created by brand ambassador Jackson Wang and TEAM WANG design. With a swirl of vibrant red and dazzling gold on a modern white ground, this new look is an invitation to immerse yourself in a magnetic world, fashion your own personal Hennessy experience — and create magic.

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    HENNESSY VSOP Team Wang Limited Edition

    Introducing the Hennessy VSOP Team Wang Limited Edition, an exclusive collaboration between Hennessy’s centuries-old cognac heritage and the innovative vision Team Wang design.

    The Hennessy collaboration with Jackson Wang, a prominent figure in music and fashion, celebrates cultural fusion, bridging Hennessy’s storied past with his forward-thinking creativity.

    History and origin

    The Hennessy VSOP is an exceptional cognac, a symbol of refined taste and unparalleled quality. Since 1765, Maison Hennessy has perfected the art of cognac-making across eight generations of master blenders. In 1817, James Hennessy crafted a special blend for King George IV, giving birth to the iconic Hennessy V.S.O.P, renowned as the first “Very Superior Old Pale.”

    This cognac embodies Maison Hennessy’s well-balanced essence, achieved through meticulous selection of eaux-de-vie, expert aging, and blending techniques. Renowned for its rich and balanced flavor profile, Hennessy VSOP has carved a niche as a connoisseur’s choice.

    The unique features of Hennessy VSOP Team Wang Limited Edition

    Hennessy has a history of successful collaborations with artists, and their latest partnership with Jackson Wang combines Western and Eastern influences. The iconic Hennessy VSOP bottle by Team Wang design features a sleek modern design with vibrant red and gold accents on a white background. This collaboration represents a fusion of tradition and trendsetting design, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

    Exclusive and collectible

    Anticipation surrounds the release of every limited edition, and the Hennessy V.S.O.P Team Wang edition is no exception. It also features a bespoke gift box that mirrors the bottle’s design, making it an impressive gift or a standout addition to any home bar. Beyond the V.S.O.P.’s captivating vibrancy and dynamic design, this exclusive release is a must-have for collectors and fans.

    Craftsmanship behind Hennessy VSOP

    Hennessy takes great care in crafting its V.S.O.P cognac, prioritizing quality and tradition. The process begins with Ugni Blanc grapes, which are pressed, fermented, and distilled using traditional Charentais copper stills. Double distillation is crucial, with only the ‘heart’ portion retained after the second distillation, resulting in a clear eau-de-vie.

    The eau-de-vie matures over the years in wooden barrels, with flavors and colors evolving through meticulous labor and barrel rotation. This intricate and time-honored process ultimately gives Hennessy V.S.O.P its distinctive character and exceptional quality, reflecting its commitment to excellence.

    A blend of prestige and pop culture

    Hennessy VSOP, revered for its harmonious and well-structured blend, takes on a new persona in this collaboration. The VSOP’s classic profile of smooth vanilla, clove, and cinnamon is reinterpreted through the lens of Jackson Wang’s contemporary aesthetics, delivering a product that resonates with both cognac enthusiasts and the modern generation.

    Tasting Notes

    The cognac within is classic Hennessy VSOP—beautiful mahogany with light tones, evoking fresh fruit’s aroma and a sensation of suppleness that settles into harmonious aromatic layers. Indulge in a balanced blend of juicy fruits, vanilla, spices and mild tobacco provided by the vigor of the younger eaux-de-vie. The taste profile is well-balanced and vibrant, providing an experience that pays homage to Hennessy’s 200-year legacy of cognac creation.

    How do you drink Hennessy VSOP?

    There is no better way to appreciate this exquisite beverage than by enjoying it neat or over ice. For enthusiasts keen on exploring the versatility of this edition, the V.S.O.P is also widely embraced in cocktails. Try mixing with coke, orange or pineapple juice.

    Nutty and floral notes can complement the younger cognac profile of the V.S.O.P., so consider adding cinnamon for a delightful twist to your drink.

    Food pairings

    Hennessy V.S.O.P is a robust spirit frequently enjoyed alongside chocolates and desserts, thanks to its flavor profile that harmonizes seamlessly with the rich aroma of cocoa. Pairing it with well-balanced dishes that are not overly sweet, spicy, or savory will enhance the overall dining experience.

    A fusion of heritage and modernity

    The Hennessy VSOP Team Wang Limited Edition is more than a cognac; it’s an invitation to celebrate life’s special moments with flair and sophistication.

    Buy yourself an exclusive Hennessy VSOP Team Wang Limited edition at Whisky.my now. Limited quantities are available, so secure your bottle and be part of this extraordinary experience!

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