JIU JI GONG (九吉公古法红糖)


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JiuJiGong Ancient Brown Sugar has no additive, no preservatives, pure and natural food, capable of enriching ‘Qi’ and blood circulation, retaining nutrient content of sugar cane. It consists of calcium, maltose, amino acids, protein, vitamin B, fructose, reducing sugar, glucose, molasses, malic acid, folic acid, riboflavin, carotene, niacin and other rich variety of trace elements. Those are essential and easily absorb by our body.

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JIU JI GONG (九吉公古法红糖)

JIU JI GONG (九吉公古法红糖) is an ancient brown cane sugar that provides lotsa health benefits and combined 18 traditional brewed process with modern health quality testing technology; with no extra additives; and extract the muiltple diversity warming ingredients from the natural condensed sugar cane, is an ideal warming drinks especially for female.

It comes with good effects in warmly and invigorating our Qi and blood to make us stay healthier. It is a very important warming tonic according to Chinese medicine practice.  A cup of JIU JI GONG a day, full with nutrition, nature and healthy, can easily improve your health problems.

It is produced by GPHL Jingxiutang Pharmacetical Co. Ltd (广药集团敬修堂) that also produce ‘Wong Lo Kat’ (黄老吉)..


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