JOSE CUERVO Calavera Reposado Tequila

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This tequila has a medium bodied, slightly oily mouthfeel, and flavors of roasted agave, pineapple, oak and white pepper. This is a subtle tequila, with an herbal note toward the finish, before a gentle ending of pepper and agave.”

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JOSE CUERVO Calavera Reposado Tequila

JOSE CUERVO Calavera Reposado Tequila. José Antonio de Cuervo, founder of the dynasty, obtained several lands in 1758 in the region that is now Tequila, to plant different crops. What is not known exactly is whether he was part of the taxpayers who harvested agaves since the beginning of the 18th century.

The truth is that, around 1781, his son José Prudencio acquired just at the time that Carlos III decreed the prohibition for the production and trade of alcoholic beverages- the pastures of the Hacienda de Abajo, where the Cuervo Tavern was installed some time later. In 1795, when the ban was annulled, his brother José María Guadalupe obtained from Carlos IV the first license to produce mezcal wine.

Cuervo Gold is a young gold-style tequila made from a blend of reposado and younger tequilas.

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