KISHU no Yuzu Umeshu

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In order to maximize the aroma of the grapefruit, the grapefruit is artificially squeezed without filtering. When the grapefruit essential oil is separated, it is subjected to coarse filtration. The precipitate in the bottle is lemon pulp, and there is no quality problem. Please shake it thoroughly before drinking.

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KISHU no Yuzu Umeshu

KISHU no Yuzu Umeshu. Kishu’s “Wakayama Nanko-ume” is the most prominent variety of ume. Our company is located in Wakayama, which has warm climate surrounded by the Kii Mountain Range and ocean. Under the radiant sun and in an air with a warm smell of salt from the warm Kuroshio Current flowing by the region, we harvested Nanko-ume between April and June of last year, and steeped them in this umeshu while they were still fresh. We then added juice of yuzu produced in Tokushima Prefecture. The resulting umeshu has a refreshing taste with the sweetness and sourness of ume and the aroma of yuzu.

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