KOMAGURA Monouyaku Yamada Nishiki 60

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  • Aroma: mild and gentle
  • Finish: pleasantly lingering

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KOMAGURA Monouyaku Yamada Nishiki 60

KOMAGURA Monouyaku Yamada Nishiki 60. Morinokura’s aim is to create Saké that is good for the body and also good for local environment.

Morinokura is also creating Saké that suits modern food culture.

The owner of Morinokura, Mr. Kazuhiro Morinaga, is the 5th generation, and the master Saké maker is 4th generation.

The owner and the craftsman have been working together for over 4 generations.

This relationship has been an important factor for the way Morinokura has continued to move with the times.

The Komagura series are designed to be an introduction to traditional saké culture.

That is saké that is aged, saké that is enjoyed “okan”(warm) and saké enjoyed with food.

The motto of Komagura is “yukkuri, jikkuri” which is very hard to translate, but roughly means slowly, gently, carefully.

This komagura has been aged for at least 2~3 years at 15˚C without oxygen.

It goes well with a wide variety of foods and at a range of temperatures.

Start with slightly chilled alone or with some light appetizers, then as you move to through the meal, gradually raise the temperature to enjoy the soft aromas, the supple umami of rice with a pleasantly lingering finish.

A single bottle that can be enjoyed with everything from sashimi, carpaccio, and salads to stews and deep-fried foods.

It was very well received at a cheese tasting with “That’s Amoré” Buffalo mozzarella.

Choose from a wide range of temperatures (10~50oC) to fit your occasion, regardless of eastern or western it’s a great match for all sorts of cuisines.

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