LEDAIG 18 Year Old Batch 2 Sherry Finish

70cl, 46.3%

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  • Aroma: Rich, fruity sherried smokiness ,lovely balance of phenols, seaweed and light creosote, dried chilli flakes, spicy black pepper with hints of sweet oakiness.
  • Palate: Powerful rich, sherried, herbal smoky flavours, orange peel, coffee, a touch of sea salt, tobacco and white pepper.
  • Finish: Long and quite pungent with more smoke, a hint of liquorice and sea spray.

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In 2015, one of the best whisky distilleries, the Tobermory distillery, released the limited edition Ledaig 18 batch 2. Fully matured in sherry casks, the Ledaig 18 limited release is a truly good whisky and totally worth its price! 

Originally name the Ledaig (pronounced ‘Lech-aig’) distillery, the Tobermory distillery is located on the island Mull and is the only distillery there. Many experts are of the opinion that the Ledaig line of whisky is underrated. Tobermory has thus far produced unpeated whisky and the Ledaig line is the distillery’s venture into peated whisky. 

To produce a Ledaig 18 years, both peat-dried malted barley and peat-infused water for Tobermory is used. After being produced on the Isle of Mull, the whisky is moved to the Deanston distillery on the mainland to be filled into casks and finally aged on the Islay in Bunnahabhain distillery for 18 years. 

This Ledaig 18 year old sherry cask is the second batch of single malts produced. The distillery is currently on the third batch so you may find some bottles of the Ledaig 18 year old Batch 3 in the market.

Bottled at 46.3% ABV, the aromas of this whisky is rich and full of sherried smokiness. You will find that there is a lovely balance of phenols, seaweed and light creosote, dried chili flakes and spicy black pepper. Take a deep breath and hints of sweet oakiness will also hit you on the nose. 

When tasting, flavours of sherry, herbal smoky flavours, orange peels, coffee, a touch of sea salt, tobacco and white pepper fill the mouth. Absolutely delicious.

The finish on the Ledaig 18 is long and you will be able to taste more smoke. Also, savour the hint of liquorice and sea spray in the finish. 

The Ledaig 18 is for sale at Whisky.my. As the Ledaig 18 year batch 2 is a limited release, you would expect that it is rather hard to find a bottle so grab one when you see it is in stock. 

You can drink the Ledaig 18 with a dash of water, on ice or neat. The most important thing is to savour all the flavours and aromas that this best whisky brings with it. 

Ledaig 18 reviews mention that this single malt completely meets expectations of peat as it is ‘wonderfully peated’. Expect sherry lovers to love this wonderful whisky and enjoy it over dinner and during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Many reviews also find the Ledaig 18 an adventure to be experienced and an underestimated malt. 

Ledaig 18 price is at RM850 at Whisky.my with free delivery to your doorstep. Alternatively, you can use the Favepay to split payments into three (RM283.33 per payment) and earn 2% cashback in the process. 

Worth every cent, the Ledaig 18 is definitely the next bottle of whisky you should be buying and tasting. Balanced, smoky, full of flavour is how we would describe this low key sherry malt!

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