LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic Spiced Cane Spirit


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0% alcohol

Full flavored on the palate with high notes of caramel, molasses, classic spiced vanilla and toasted nuts.

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What is Lyre’s non-alcoholic, spiced cane spirit?

In the ever-evolving world of non-alcoholic spirits, Lyre’s non-alcoholic spiced cane spirit emerges as a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation. It is the embodiment of an alcohol-free and vegan alternative to classic rum, redefining the concept of spirits.

Impossibly crafted over an extensive period, it is a labour of love that undergoes a meticulous distillation process, capturing the essence of the finest rum, without the alcohol.

This premium, non-alcoholic beverage is designed to deliver an extraordinary taste experience.

What is spiced cane spirit made of?

Lyre’s spiced cane spirit is made by carefully blending natural flavours like caramel, molasses, vanilla, and toasted nuts. These ingredients are mixed with selected botanicals and spices to create a complex taste. This special drink doesn’t have any alcohol in it, but it’s full of rich flavours.

In summary, Lyre’s Spiced Cane Spirit presents a more intricate palate, enriched with flavours of caramel, molasses, vanilla, and toasted nuts, complemented by a medley of spices.

In contrast, Lyre’s White Cane Spirit boasts a clean, crisp flavour profile with prominent notes of oak and sugar cane, offering a reminiscent experience of gently aged white rum. While both spirits are non-alcoholic, these distinct flavour profiles cater to varying preferences and culinary applications.

Is Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits good?

Yes, Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits prioritise quality, authenticity, and innovation, which is clear from their exceptional taste in every drop. Lyre’s goes beyond recreating traditional flavours and explores creative profiles to suit various tastes. Whether you’re making classic mocktails, modern beverages, or experimenting in the kitchen, Lyre’s spirits provide a broad palette for your culinary creations.

Is spiced cane spirit alcoholic?

One might wonder if a spirit can truly be enjoyed without the presence of alcohol. Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirit defies scepticism, delivering the depth and character of traditional spiced rum without a trace of alcohol.

Is spiced cane spirit a rum?

Indeed, Lyre’s is the embodiment of rum, sans the alcohol. Its unique formulation ensures that it captures the essence and complexity of spiced rum in every sip.

What is it used for?

The applications of Lyre’s zero-proof spirits are as diverse as its flavours. This versatile elixir serves as the foundation for an array of cocktails, mocktails, and other delightful concoctions.

It has the power to enhance the flavours of your culinary creations, whether you’re cooking, baking, marinating, dressing, or infusing.

It can also be a sophisticated replacement for white wine in various culinary applications.

Whether you’re deglazing a pan or adding depth to a risotto, its complexity mirrors the qualities of fine wine without the alcohol content.

With its unique profile, Lyre’s is a valuable addition to any kitchen, allowing you to explore new culinary horizons and delight your taste buds in innovative ways.

Tasting notes

Lyre’s spiced cane spirit presents a tantalising flavour profile with rich, aromatic notes.

It has a rich, complex flavour that’s reminiscent of spiced rum. On the nose, there are aromas of caramel, molasses, vanilla, and spices.

On the palate, the flavours are full-bodied and warming, with notes of caramel, molasses, vanilla, and toasted nuts. The finish is long and lingering, with a pleasant spice note.

Serving tips

When it comes to enjoying Lyre’s non-alcoholic spiced cane spirit, creativity knows no bounds. Here are a few recipes to try out:

  • Spiced Cane Spritzer: Mix the spiced cane spirit with sparkling water, a squeeze of lime, and a dash of ginger syrup for a refreshing spritzer.
  • Cane Spirit Sour: Create a non-alcoholic sour by shaking the spiced cane spirit with fresh lemon juice, a touch of honey or simple syrup, and a few drops of bitters.
  • Spiced Cane Iced Tea: Combine the spiced cane spirit with your favourite iced tea and a slice of orange for a unique and flavorful iced tea experience.
  • Dessert Delights: Drizzle the spiced cane spirit over vanilla ice cream or use it to enhance the flavour of your baked goods like cookies and cakes.

These suggestions showcase the versatility of Lyre’s spiced cane spirit, whether you’re crafting beverages or elevating your gastronomic innovations.


The Lyre’s zero alcohol spiced cane spirit has received recognition from esteemed competitions, underscoring its excellence. Here are some of its accolades:

  • Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023
  • Double Gold Medal, New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2023
  • Gold Medal, International Wine & Spirit Competition 2023

An impossibly crafted delight

Buy Lyre’s non-alcoholic spiced cane spirit today and explore the depths of this extraordinary elixir in a journey of taste and discovery.

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