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0% alcohol

Oak and sugar cane provide the platform for the marzipan, orange and coconut to shine, rounded off with a light, peppery finish.

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In the world of non-alcoholic spirits where innovation meets sophistication, LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit stands as an exemplar of perfection.

Crafted with precision and aged to develop its complex character, this spirit embodies the essence of gently aged white rum, which provides a depth of flavour with subtle spicy notes that defy expectations.

As you savour its exquisite flavours: oak, caramel and vanilla – a tantalising blend of spices harmonises to create a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate; inviting you to explore the depths of its complexity.

Experience the taste that rivals its alcoholic counterparts, and raise your appreciation for the artistry of LYRE’S that redefines what’s possible in premium non-alcoholic beverages.

What is LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit?

LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit is meticulously crafted from a blend of natural flavours and extracts.

An alternative to white rum, it is made using natural extracts and essences and is designed to replicate the taste and aroma of traditional white rum without the alcohol content.

This makes it an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a cocktail or mixed drink without the negative effects of alcohol.

What are the ingredients in Lyre’s White Cane Spirit?

Using natural ingredients, Lyre’s combines a selected array of flavours and extracts, including caramel, molasses, vanilla, and a medley of spices.

Oak and sugar cane are primary elements, defining their unique taste and aroma. They transform it into a multi-purpose and tasteful component that enhances the quality of various dishes.

The mixture of these ingredients results in a sophisticated flavour profile akin to the top-tier spiced rums. It’s a popular pick for crafting both cocktails and mocktails, thanks to its intricate and well-balanced flavours.

LYRE’S alcohol free spirit is also a vegan-friendly choice for discerning consumers.

How much alcohol is in Lyre’s White Cane Spirit?

Lyre’s White Cane Spirit is a low-calorie, non-alcoholic spirit containing 0.0% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

What is white cane spirit used for?

LYRE’S zero-proof spirit is a versatile and flavorful ingredient to your beverage repertoire that invites you to explore new horizons in both cooking and mixology.

The white cane spirit can be used in cooking to enhance your dishes and mix your mocktails. Whether you’re a pro chef or a beginner bartender, it lets you get creative with your food and drinks, offering exciting possibilities.

Tasting notes

What does LYRE’s spiced cane spirit taste like?

LYRE’S  White Cane Spirit welcomes with an aromatic blend of oak, sugar cane, and marzipan on the nose, paving the way for a full-bodied palate complemented by the gentle sweetness of marzipan and the richness of toasted nuts.

Enjoy a classic mocktail made with Lyre’s non-alcoholic rum for a delightful beverage. The finish is a testament to its craftsmanship, leaving a lingering sweetness enticing more sips.

Serving tips

LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit invites creativity when it comes to serving.

It can be used in a variety of cocktails, including mojitos, daiquiris, and piña coladas, among others. Here are a few delicious mocktail recipes that you can make:

For a classic Mojito, combine LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit with lime juice, mint leaves, and soda water.

Savour the refreshment of a Daiquiri by blending LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit with lime juice and simple syrup.

Transport your senses to a tropical paradise with a Piña Colada, where LYRE’S Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit harmonises with pineapple juice and coconut cream.


Lyre’s White Cane Spirit has also garnered recognition from esteemed competitions, underscoring its excellence. Here are some of its recent accolades:

  • Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023
  • Double Gold Medal, New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2023
  • Gold Medal, International Wine & Spirit Competition 2023

Delight in the impossibly delicious zero proof spirit

Lyre’s bestseller White Cane Spirit is more than a spirit. It represents the apex of non-alcoholic spirits, capturing the essence of gently aged white rum.

It is a trailblazer in the world of non-alcoholic beverages, pushing the boundaries and redefining what is possible. It challenges preconceived notions, demonstrating that non-alcoholic options can be as sophisticated, intricate and captivating as their alcoholic counterparts.

Try Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit at an affordable price today. Let it elevate your taste experience with glowing reviews,  opening doors to a world of flavours you may never have imagined.

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