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MACALLAN 18 Year Old Double Cask

MACALLAN 18 Year Old Double Cask

Single Malt Whisky
  • 43%
  • 70cl
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    Single Malt Whisky
  • 70cl
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    • Colour: Amber honey.
    • Aroma: Dried fruit, ginger and toffee. Rich orange with hints of clove and nutmeg.
    • Palate: Rich raisin and sultana with notes of caramel, vanilla and ginger, balanced by wood spice and zesty citrus.
    • Finish: Warm oak spice with ginger, turning to sweet orange.
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    MACALLAN 18 Year Old Double Cask

    The Macallan 18 Year Old Double Cask whiskey is the epitome of the Macallan line. This premium scotch whisky has a sweet and warm character from a perfect combination of seasoned European and American sherry oak casks. 

    After 18 years of maturation in these two types of oak, it forms a unique single malt that can easily win the heart of most whisky drinkers. 

    The American oak lends subtle flavours of vanilla, citrus, and butterscotch, while the European oak emphasises the Macallan’s signature spiciness. Although this classic has been around for centuries, the quality was not compromised and that is how the Macallan became an unrivaled competitor among other single malt whiskeys. 

    History and origin

    The history of the 18-year Macallan Scotch stretches back to 1824 since its establishment, and it is now one of the most renowned whiskies in the world. 

    Macallan was first licensed to barley-farmer Alexander Reed in Speyside. They are one of the first distilleries in Scotland to be legally licensed after the passage of the 1823 Excise Act. After Reed’s death, the distillery was passed over to many licensors. 

    In 1980, there was a surge in demand for single malt due to the downturn in the blended malt market. Hence, Macallan’s focus changed as well. As their whisky was exclusively matured in ex-sherry oak casks, it delivers an oaky, spicy sherried fruit character making them unique compared to other single malts. 

    Each bottle of Macallan was specially crafted, including the 18-year-old double cask. Released in 2020, the 18 is the latest addition to the Macallan double cask single malt whiskey line. 

    Tasting notes

    This single malt whiskey has a beautiful honey colour and great-tasting notes of dried fruit, ginger, vanilla, and toffee; on the palate, it is soft yet rich with a pinch of spice, clove, orange, and toasted mature oak, turning to sweet orange, dried fruit, and ginger finish. 

    What is double cask Macallan?

    A double cask whisky is one that will mature in one cask before being transferred into a different cask 

    The Double Cask Macallan is matured in two types of oak. Specially selected, hand-crafted casks seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry. The American oak contributes to the exquisite flavours of vanilla, citrus and butterscotch, while the European oak delivers a hint of spice to The Macallan. 

    What is the difference between Macallan 18-Year-Old and 12 Double Cask? 

    The Macallan scotch 18 has richer, fruity, more leathery, and intensely oaky characteristics, with the aroma of ginger, toffee, and spices. 

    Whereas the Macallan 12 that was released in 2016 is crafted from a blend of American and European Oak Oloroso Casks. These oaks accentuate the spicy, chocolaty, nutty, and caramel flavour.

    These two vary slightly in terms of alcohol strength. The ABV for the 18 and 12-year-old double casks are 43% and 40%, respectively. Although both belong to the Macallan line, the 18-year-old Macallan is marketed as a premium whisky, hence the higher price. 

    Serving tips

    There are no definite ways to enjoy the Macallan 18 scotch whiskey, but it can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or in one portion, depending on the occasion and vibes.

    Carving it into an ice ball might be one of the best ways to enjoy it. The ice ball will slowly break down the whisky’s flavours as it melts. By releasing less water, it preserves the integrity of the single malt and its intense oak, ginger, and raisin flavours from start to finish. 

    What food goes well with Macallan?

    Food Pairings:

    • Steak. Grilled steaks like succulent New York strips and ribeyes pair well with rich and sweet scotch.
    • Cheese is always a good option if you want a sweet or savoury contrast. Alpine cheese pairs especially well with the Macallan 18. This style of cheese could highlight the subtle flavour of the rich and oily sherry cask matured whisky. 
    • Nuts, olives, and dips.
    • Sweets. Desserts like crème brulee will be great with after-dinner drinks like the Macallan, which has a fruity and spicy sweet nose.

    The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old 2020 Release 

    Each bottle of the Macallan 18 is made to perfection, starting from the oak selection process. These oaks create a perfect balance with a sweet and warm character, ensuring every sip of the whiskey is worth every penny paid. Buy one now!

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