MALT, GRAIN & CANE Barbados Foursquare Rum 15 Year Old 2005

70cl, 60.2%

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  • Aroma: The top notes very sweet; nail polish; turpentine; floral perfume; talcum powder; butter cake; toasted malt; cereal; mitarashi dango; after some time, fruits like apples, dark cherries come to the fore; shortbread biscuit,
  • Palate: Medium-to-full-bodied; sweet and nice, with their sweetness tempered and balanced nicely by the wood influence; honey; molasses; banana and coconut are the main notes of the middle-palate; the end-palate is lots of dark and red fruits; dried dates and figs; dark cherries draped in chocolate; raspberry jam; gingerbread, liquorice and mint leaves
  • Finish: Slightly long; picks up where the end-palate left off; root beer; sweet red wine; black forest cake; mixed berries tart; chocolate, bread, malt, cake, and musky perfume; vanilla cream, fruit & nuts chocolate bar

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MALT, GRAIN & CANE Foursquare Rum 15 Year Old 2005

MALT, GRAIN & CANE Foursquare Rum 15 Year Old 2005. Foursquare Rum Distillery, located in Barbados, is operated by R.L. Seale & Company, a fourth-generation family-owned business, established in the 1920s.

All rums produced are a blend of distillates from a copper pot-still with double retort & a twin-column vacuum still. Distillates are usually aged in American-oak bourbon barrels, with a variety of further finishings, such as Port, Cognac & Zinfandel wine casks.

This bottling was first tropically aged for 11 Years (73%), shipped 🚢 to Europe in a neutral container in early 2017, and re-filled into first-fill bourbon barrels for another 4 more years of continental aging (27%).

No additional sugar additives were added. We do not believe in adding sugar additives in our rum!

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