MALT, GRAIN & CANE New Yarmouth Rum (Japan Exclusive) 26 Year Old 1994

67.9% | 70cl

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  • Aroma: Toffee; muscovado sugar; black forest cake; dried figs and prunes; blackcurrant cordial; some savory funk, overripe papaya; the base notes are creamy and confectionery.
  • Palate: Spicy on arrival; honey; maple syrup; black forest cake; dried figs and raisins; maltose candy; the sweet maltiness of a single malt whisky; things take a savory turn on the mid-palate; overripe papaya; jackfruit; the back-palate is vegetal with hints of sulfur; struck match; gasoline
  • Finish: Moderately long; Christmas spice cake; coconut shavings; camphor; menthol; the grassiness of an old Agricole; the aftertaste is shrouded in creamy, musky sweetness; sandalwood incense; white chocolate

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MALT, GRAIN & CANE New Yarmouth Rum (Japan Exclusive) 26 Year Old 1994

MALT, GRAIN & CANE New Yarmouth Rum (Japan Exclusive) 26 Year Old 1994. Full Proof Heavy Rum, New Yarmouth Distillery, November 1994 (26 Years Old). This full-proof heavy Jamaican rum was distilled in 1994, using pot still distillation and spent 21 years of aging in tropical weather.

The cask was later exported and spent the rest of its maturation in continental Europe. This bottling was completed on May 2021, in Scotland. Precious Liquors Singapore and Malt, Grain & Cane partnered and selected this exceptional cask.

This cask is also bottled together in collaboration with Bar Lamp in Ginza, and, Rum & Whisky Kyoto. This bottling is supported by the official importer & distributor in Japan, Rudder Ltd.
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