Masseto 2017

75cl, 14%

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Tasting Notes:
  • Nose: Masseto 2017 enchants the senses with a symphony of dark fruits, including cassis and blackberry. Subtle hints of vanilla, spices, and cedar add to its allure.
  • Palate: Its velvety texture unfolds on the palate, revealing flavors of ripe plums, dark chocolate, and delicate tobacco notes. The harmony is remarkable.
  • Finish: The finish lingers, leaving an indelible mark of its depth and finesse.

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Masseto 2017

Masseto originates from the Bolgheri region in Tuscany, Italy, benefiting from maritime influences and well-drained soils, ideal for Merlot.

These vineyards are exclusively dedicated to nurturing the Merlot grape, showcasing a commitment to excellence.

Masseto is renowned as one of Italy’s premier wineries, celebrated for its mastery in crafting exceptional single-varietal Merlot wines.

Masseto 2017 embodies the estate’s unwavering dedication to producing wines of extraordinary quality and distinction.

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