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The nose on this brew milled to 60% is filled with mango, rice, vanilla, and Jolly Rancher green apple aromas. A very tight and compact sake that drinks crisp and bright. Clean and snappy flavors of rice and dried fruit cascade to a dry finish with a hello-like long tail. This brew is for those who like the tingly flavor of alcohol and appreciate a sake with presence. Martini drinkers take note as Green River tastes like your friend, but only has a 15% alcohol content. Clean, crisp and confident.

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MIDORIKAWA Honjo. Made from well water collected from Niigata snow melt, Midorikawa’s Honjozo is a subtle variation of the Junmai from the same brewery; it has a more compact structure with a slightly silky texture and a defined and precise finish. This is a real food sake; chilled it makes a subtle companion to raw oysters, served warm with grilled chicken its sweet and creamy flavors are like a dab of butter. Blend of local rice varieties Gohyaku Mangoku, Hokuriku #12 and Koshi Ibuki milled to 60%.

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