NAKATA Kodawari Umeshu Plum Wine

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With a couple exceptions, Nakata umeshu is made with tree-ripened Nanko-ume. Farmers spread large nets under ume trees and wait for the fruit to fall, indicating that it is completely ripe. The ume are washed and sorted and immediately added to tanks to preserve their amazing aroma.

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NAKATA Kodawari Umeshu Plum Wine

NAKATA Kodawari Umeshu Plum Wine. Umeshu (sometimes called plum wine) is a fruit liqueur created by soaking ume in sugar and alcohol. The osmotic pressure from the sugar extracts the juice of the ume, after which the ume are removed from the liquid. The ume can be green or ripe, which of course affects the aroma, flavor, and color of the umeshu. The most common types of alcohol used are white liquor, nihonshu (Japanese sake), brandy, and shochu (single-distilled Japanese liquor).

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