OCTOMORE 10.4 / 88 Ppm / 3 Aged Years (Super Heavily Peated)

70cl, 63.5%

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  • Aroma: There is a richness, chocolate, tobacco, bonfire smoke, leather. Vanilla custard, blueberry, dry straw and pear drops.
  • Palate: Warming, spicy – mulled wine. Leather and tobacco, malt sugar, icing sugar. All wrapped in earthy peaty smoke. Dry on the palate.
  • Finish: Oak driven, coconut, tobacco, vanilla, then smoke. The time in the cask has calmed the smoke, both through the phenols lowering naturally over time and the influence of the oak becoming greater.

OCTOMORE 10.4 / 88 Ppm / 3 Aged Years (Super Heavily Peated)

Octomore has always challenged convention. Many preconceived ideas about whisky have been overturned but perhaps the most provocative stigma still to be shattered is that which surrounds age.

Distilled from Scottish barley in 2016, this three year old Octomore 10.4 is the youngest ever released, yet the most impressive. Standing alone in any heavyweight line-up, the depth, balance and composure of this Virgin Oak release is astounding.

Twenty-eight casks cut from Limousin oak have been subjected to a high toast before making their way to Warehouse 12 for filling. Their high tannic impact is subsided by a high toast level which gives way to a dry fruit character that is impeccably well-rounded.

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