REGAN’S Orange Bitters No.6 148ml

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  • Colour: Clear gold/orange, yellow tinge, paradoxically viscous and oily at the same time.
  • Aroma: Smells like a spice box full of promise. A bit like cookies or swedish ginger snaps.
  • Palate: Very dry, cardamom, cinchona, gentian, quinine, etc., bitter orange is more in the smell than taste.

REGAN’S Orange Bitters No.6 148ml

REGAN’S Orange Bitters No.6 148ml. Mardee called me the Weekend Alchemist when, in 1992, unable to find a decent bottling of orange bitters, I set about making my own. Starting with a formula set down by Charles H. Baker, Jr., In the Gentlemen’s Companion, the first batch was flavourful, but one-dimensional. It was time to visit a small store in Greenwich Village to grab some additional botanicals – the place where witches procure their potions. On my fourth attempt I had it.

But the recipe wasn’t stable – subsequent batches didn’t work. Eventually Mark Brown, CEO of Sazerac Company, Stanley Schwan, his trusty side-kick, and a whole team of Sazerac boffins labored hard on pinning down the formula you now hold. And finally, Ted “Dr. Cocktail” Haigh came along and designed this beauteous label. I hope that cocktailian bartenders will put this product to good use.

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