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Remarkable Regional Malts Tasting Set

Remarkable Regional Malts Tasting Set

Blended Malt Whisky
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  • 70cl
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    Blended Malt Whisky
  • 70cl
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    Big Peat:
    : Warming tangy peat with hints of chocolate, coffee and cedar with a kick from spices. Walnuts and almonds are also present with a touch of cinnamon and an oily smoke.
    Palate: Simple and easy going yet delicious with notes of heavy smoke, cut grass, peanuts, yet more spices and unsurprisingly, peat.
    Finish: Quite abrupt with cut grass, coastal notes and smoke.

    : Barley rich, citric with floral and herbal aspects.
    Palate: Mouth-coatingly sweet, displaying crunched sugar, burnt citrus, mixed spices, thyme, peaches and hard candy.
    Finish: All charmingly underpinned and enriched in the finish with more of that earlier herbal character, in a gristy style with almonds, cut grass and burnt sugar.

    Rock Oyster:
    : Fresh and invigorating, cough sweets, liquorice, and fresh herbs – think sage and rosemary.
    Palate: Richer than expected, with warming notes of black pepper, sea salt and ozone, as well as a hint of honeyed fruit.
    Finish: Peat acts as a seabreak to the subtle but welcome fruit and peppery warmth.

    : A kick of sweetness with icing sugar, sultanas and candied ginger. There is a few hints of grain but on the most part, sweetness dominates.
    Palate: That domination of sweetness soon subsides and makes way for nutmeg and cereal as vanilla comes in towards the end. Cinnamon is also present, giving it a kick of spice.
    Finish: A pinch of oaky spice joins the sweet vanilla and rich sherry for the finish.

    Timorous Beastie:
    : Acadia honey with creamy boiled sweets, specifically the strawberry flavour! Dried apricots and white grapes, there’s also a nice helping of sherry influence too. A whiff of coastal air and classic Highland heather, too.
    Palate: Dried fruits, green apples and anise. A sweet grist, malt loaf and more heather.
    Finish: Long, drying with hot cinnamon and delicious, fresh bread.

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    Remarkable Regional Malts Tasting Set

    Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Regional Malts are the ultimate distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky regions; each bottling embodies the overarching characteristics of the region it is sourced from.

    If a Single Malt is a violin, a Blended Malt is an entire orchestra!

    This gift pack offers the chance to sample each Remarkable Regional Malt in miniature format.

    This Gift Pack includes a 5cl miniature of the following: * The Epicurean * Timorous Beastie * Scallywag * Rock Island * Big Peat

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