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Tasting Notes:
  • Aroma :A balanced and utterly refined nose that gives way to sublime suggestions of spices and blossom, the intense age of the Cognac shines through in layers of perfectly honed oak, black pepper and vanilla sweetness. Absolutely mouth-watering.
  • Palate : Thick and juicy with waves and waves of spice and all sorts of fruit; from ripe and juicy to stewed and deep. Stunning oak interplay.
  • Finish : Very, very long. The exceptional, flawless movement of oak, spices and fruit leaves you speechless.

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Hennessy Richard is the world’s most luxurious cognac. A tribute to the Founder of Hennessy, Hennessy Richard is a unique assemblage of more than 100 of the most exceptional eaux-de-vie, matured to the fullest. The oldest of these are extremely rare, and some date from the early 19th century.

Balanced and complex, the rich bouquet slowly releases a succession of aromas that have built up over the years: vanilla, spices, pepper and delicately fragrant flowers. In the mouth, the infinitely refined texture reveals an extraordinary palette of flavors that blends spices, the subtle essence of ripe fruit and the finesse of oak. Savor this exquisite cognac in a crystal tulip-shaped taster’s glass or a small snifter to allow the gradual release of the aromas.

It is a known fact that Hennessy Cognacs are well loved by hip-hop fans, celebrities, and elites all over the world. But did you know that there is only one astonishing spirit that perfectly embodies rarity, class, beauty, and luxury, all in one bottle? Yes, it still came from the renowned Hennessy Maison, but its one masterpiece that’s created to honor its founder, Richard Hennessy– a pretigious and legendary cognac bottle that requires no other label but the name of the creator himself.

First created in 1996, the Hennessy Richard Cognac is a blend of the Grand Siecles; a rare and extraordinary assemblage of more than 100 of the most exquisite eaux de vies matured to their fullest. These brandies with ages ranging from 40 to 200 years make up the perfect cognac that epitomizes the product of man’s mastery and talent over a long period of time. The Richard Hennessy is indeed the most luxurious choice for a connoisseur who aims to get a taste of Cognac perfection. No wonder it has gotten the highest recommendations and acclamations from several bodies like Wine Enthusiast and the San Francsico WSC.

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