ROYAL SALUTE 21 Year Old Blended Grain

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  • Colour: This whisky generally presents a deep golden hue to amber color, showcasing its rich and aged character derived from 21 long years of maturation.
  • Aroma: On the nose, Royal Salute 21 Year Old is expected to offer a rich and complex aromatic profile. It would likely feature a symphony of scents ranging from sweet notes of dried fruits, such as figs and sultanas, to more nuanced aromas of nuts, oak, and possibly a hint of floral notes, creating a deep and inviting nose.
  • Palate: The palate of this age-statement blend can be extraordinarily rich and multifaceted. You might expect to find a harmonious blend of flavors, ranging from sweet notes of honey and vanilla to deeper tones of chocolate and spices. The grain elements might bring in a certain creaminess and full-bodied character to the palate, adding to the complexity and richness of flavors.
  • Finish: The finish is likely to be long and warming, leaving a lingering sensation of the fine blend of aged whiskies, with a remarkable smoothness and depth that pays homage to its extended maturation period.

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ROYAL SALUTE 21 Year Old Blended Grain

ROYAL SALUTE 21 Year Old Blended Grain. A luxurious and venerable blend, the Royal Salute 21 Year Old Blended Grain Scotch Whisky boasts a symphony of rich and complex flavors, matured for at least 21 years. It unveils a delightful orchestra of aromatic notes including dried fruits and subtle spices on the nose. The palate is met with a rich tapestry of flavors, harmonizing sweet honey undertones with deep chocolate notes, offering a full-bodied experience with a creamy texture derived from the grain elements. Encased in a distinctive porcelain flagon, it presents a long, warm, and smooth finish, inviting connoisseurs to a slow and rich sipping experience.

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