Sant’ Elena Klodic Pinot Grigio 2012

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  • Colour: Pale yellow.
  • Aroma: Chamomile and spice blossoms.
  • Palate: Orange peel and mint.
  • Finish: Well balanced.

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Sant’ Elena Klodic Pinot Grigio 2012

The most important component of the klodic vinification process is the maceration of the grapes for thirty-six hours. After this crucial maceration period, the undergo fermentation and the must is left on the lees for six months. The wine is then filtered and bottled at the end of the summer.
What sets the Pinot Grigio Klodic apart from most traditional pinot grigios is its vibrant color and structure. While most pinot grigio immediately face the soft press and bottling after the harvest, our Pinot Grigio Klodic is macerated for thirty-six hours to obtain deep color and then left on the lees for six months. A delicate and complex process usually not reserved for the variety, it vaults the Klodic into the top tier of the world’s Pinot Grigios.
Serving and recommendation
Pinot Grigio Klodic’s rich structure allows it complement many courses such as pasta and poultry where other pinot grigios might fall short. It also pairs excellently with all fish-based dishes and many cheeses.

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