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Vodka Elit By Stolichnaya has a bright and clear crystalline color, with a vanilla and citrus nose, anticipating a flavor and a rich taste of facets.
Start with a slight sweet note, immediately followed by citrus and mineral flavors, then balsamic and again an elegant feeling of sweetness.
Stoli Elit, thanks to its elegant graphic design, aims to strike the finest palates and the most attentive eyes. Produced from the spring waters of Blue Spring in New Zealand, where the water flows very pure at a constant temperature of 11 ° C is one of the best expressions of vodka that can be tried.

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STOLICHNAYA Elit Vodka. Stolichnaya vodkas, commonly known as Stoli, have been around since the year 1938. This is their birth year as it is the year in which the Stolichnaya vodka recipe was invented. Stoli has been produced and bottled in its facility in Riga, Latvia since 1948. Stolichnaya Elit takes this already distinctive vodka experience to the next level.

To create Stolichnaya Elit , ultra-high quality grain from the Tambov region of Russia is hand selected before being fermented. It goes through three distillations to achieve maximum purity. The product is then filtered through super-fine quartz sand twice and through birch charcoal once. For the final step, the vodka must go through Stolichnaya’s patented freeze-filtration. For this, the spirit is chilled to -18˚C before going through an ultra-slow filtration using ion-charged filters. The result of all of this hard work is an outstanding vodka of unparalleled purity.

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