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Story of Suntory Whisky Kakubin

Shinjiro Torii, Suntory’s founder and first Master Blender, invented Kakubin in 1937. It was affectionately known as Kakubin, or “square bottle,” even though it was originally labelled “Suntory Whisky.” 

Suntory’s devotion to unchanging quality has been symbolised by its name and square-cut tortoise-shell style for more than 80 years. 

Kakubin is a very adaptable whiskey with a sweet scent, rich flavour, and dry finish, and the Kakubin highball is the drink of choice for many Japanese when they go out for a night of food and drink.


Please allow adequate time for the Kakubin to open up in the glass due to the presence of alcohol. The Kakubin has a unique aroma that quickly identifies it as a Japanese whiskey.   

Floral and fruity tones, young grain alcohol, brown sugar, caramel, plums, sweet candies, young bourbon, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla, light honey, light coconut water, and a hint of citrus are among the notes are detected. It’s nothing exceptional, but it’s a step up than your regular low-cost Scottish Blend. 


Grain Alcohol, Oak, Cereals, light Vanilla, light Honey, Grapefruit, light Pepper, and light Ginger all contribute to a watery, sugary sweet, edgy, and somewhat bitter taste. 


Light Honey, Grapefruit, Nuts, Nut Shells, Grains, mild Vanilla, Oak, light Pepper, and Ginger on a short, sugary sweet and watery finish.


How is Suntory Whiskey made?

Suntory makes malt and grain whiskies in a variety of styles. The fresh liquids used for mashing are a key component. Malted barley is used in malt whiskies, while maize is used in grain whiskies.

How to make the best Suntory Whisky Kakubin?

In Japan, the most common way to consume whiskey is in a “highball,” which entails mixing the liquor with soda water, ice, and maybe a slice of lemon. 

The highball lends itself to the same “lighter,” more informal drinking approach that makes Japanese whiskey so food-friendly.

Here’s how you can make a great glass of Suntory Whisky Kakubin highball:

  1. Squeeze a lemon slice into an ice-filled glass.
  2. Pour in 30 ml Kakubin
  3. Pour 120 ml of cold soda water on top.
  4. Serve with a large spoon for stirring.

How to drink Suntory Whisky Kakubin?

Suntory Whiskies can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including straight, on the rocks, mizuwari (with water), oyuwari (with warm water), Highball, and more.

What sets Suntory apart from other brands?

Suntory Whisky is distinguished from other whiskies by the cleanliness of the water used in production, the four separate seasons in which the whiskies mature, and the Art of Blending, which results in the distinctive delicate, refined, and nuanced flavour.

Moreover, Japanese whiskies may strike a vast and evocative spectrum of taste characteristics, ranging from rich, sweet, and fruity to bitter, spicy, and nutty, thanks to a long history of exploration and creativity among distillers.

Salinity is also a typical aspect of the Japanese spirit, which is ideal for pairing with Asian cuisine’s pronounced umami flavour. Because of this spectrum, as well as the popularity of blended whiskey kinds in Japan, balance and delicacy are critical in the distillation process, making food matching an art form.

Individual Japanese distilleries, unlike Western distilleries, often create a large range of whiskey varietals, allowing consumers to sample a wide range of flavour profiles from a single source.

What goes well with Suntory Whisky Kakubin?

The saline found in many whiskies pairs well with shellfish and seaweed, while any savoury maltiness pairs well with miso or soy sauce.

If you’re serving Japanese whiskey with food, keep it neat or slightly cold. Take a sip of whiskey before or soon after a mouthful of food, and don’t wash your palate between sips. 

To perfect the combination, a little residual taste from the whiskey or meal is desired. If neat isn’t quite to a guest’s liking, propose a mizuwari, a refreshing Japanese whiskey-based drink.

Order the Suntory Whisky at offer price now and have it delivered right to your door!

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03 May 2021
I recommend this product


The delivery was fast! received within 3 days, and the service is good. Always wanted a SUNTORY WHISKY Kakubin to make a Japanese Highball. I always love the taste of it. Finally restocked!

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16 May 2020
I recommend this product

Fast and good service

The delivery process is fast and awesome. Thank you for wrapping it nicely.