TAIWAN RED Gourmet Cooking Wine

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TAIWAN RED Gourmet Cooking Wine

TAIWAN RED Gourmet Cooking Wine Effect soaked in ginseng

  • It has the effect of regulating the deficiency of blood.
  • It has the effect of nourishing the kidney. The health of the kidney is very important to the human body. When the kidney is healthy, it is good for the body’s circulation and detoxification.
  • It has the effect of promoting blood circulation, and has certain therapeutic effect on rheumatism and rheumatoid. However, it is recommended to drink in moderation to prevent side effects
  • It can nourish qi and produce fluid, improve human immunity and reduce the occurrence of diseases.
  • It can improve the sleep quality of patients.
  • It can improve the appetite of patients and improve the loss of appetite.
  • It can also play a role in fighting cancer and lowering blood sugar, which has many benefits for the human body.
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