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TEACHER’S Highland Cream

TEACHER’S Highland Cream

Blended Scotch Whisky
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  • 70cl
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    Blended Scotch Whisky
  • 70cl
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    Produced in Glasgow, Scotland, the Teacher’s Highland Cream is a blended scotch whisky by popular Beam Suntory. 

    The Teacher’s Highland Cream blended Scotch whisky is known for being a rather good blend. It also has a historical past when the brand was registered in 1884. You may note that the Teacher’s Highland Cream says “est 1830” on the bottle. This year actually refers to when William Teacher, the founder, entered the whisky business. It was only later when the brand was created. 

    So to answer how old is Teacher’s Highland Cream, it depends on how you look at it – the year the brand was created or the year the blended Scotch whisky was created.

    William Teacher took advantage of the “Excise Act” by selling whisky from his wife’s grocery store in Glasgow. Eventually, he opened his own dram shop, established William Teacher & Sons Ltd and opened the Ardmore distillery in 1898. This ensured a continuous supply of the Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch to the public. A whisky with incredible depth and smoothness that is combined with a rich and smokey undertone, William Teacher would only give his name to this blend of perfection.

    Despite passing through several buyers including Chivas Brothers (the current owner is Suntory), the Teacher’s Highland Cream has maintained its amazing reputation as a delicious peaty whisky. Some say that the taste and quality of the whisky have remained unchanged throughout the years.

    On the nose, the Teacher’s Highland Cream is fresh and clean. Take a deep breath and let the aromatic blended scotch surround you with its floral notes and light grassiness. You will also be able to pick up notes of honey, citrus and cream. 

    On the palate, the taste is rather full with a pleasant depth. You will be able to find notes of toast and green tea with jasmine and orange. There is also a nice touch of sweetness to the taste. 

    The finish of this blended Scotch whisky is long with hints of peppery spice and wood shavings. 

    To quote Michael Jackson in the Whisky Magazine, April 2000, he said, “Big, rounded, smooth. Full of crunchy maltiness. To drink this whisky is like biting into a peanut brittle. Then toffee. Then liquorice flavours. 8.5/10”. High praise from a celebrity as a Teacher’s Highland Cream review.

    The colour of rich amber with yellow gold highlights, this is the perfect drink to be sipped on neat. This blended Scotch whisky will also seamlessly blend into mixers and cocktails, which is why it is everyone’s preference. You can buy Teacher’s Highland Cream at Whisky.my. Priced at only RM169 after discount, it is a very affordable Scotch blend and well worth the price. Buy now!

    You can also check out other Bended Malt Whiskies online that also have in stock to add to your collection of whisky to try.

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