THREE SHIPS Select Whisky

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Three Ships Whisky Select is an accessible whisky. It is well-balanced and its subtle smoke and fruit finish make it a great accompaniment to mature cheddar, salted cashew nuts, and Black Forest ham.

  • Aroma: Soft, perfumed nose with hints of peaches. White pepper hides in the background, creating a warm and pleasant spice.
  • Palate:Soft and mellow peaches push through with a little maltiness that stays on the tongue. White pepper drifts gently in the background without overwhelming the sweetness
  • Finish:The finish is medium with sweetness lingering in the mouth for a while. It is slightly astringent at the end but pleasantly so.

THREE SHIPS Select Whisky

THREE SHIPS Select Whisky. Three Ships Whisky Select is a high-quality, smooth-tasting blend of the finest malt and grain whiskies, distilled in both pot and column stills that have been left to mature for a minimum of 3 years. Since its first release over 40 years ago, the distinct, smooth taste of our Three Ships Whisky Select has evolved and matured for the modern whisky drinker’s everyday needs.

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