TIMBOON Distillery Port Expression Single Malt Whisky

50cl, 44%

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  • Colour: Golden straw soft gold colour.
  • Aroma: The nose is gentle and inviting, showing aromas of oak, caramel, butter scotch, dark chocolate, red berries and honey.
  • Palate: is soft with fruit notes and a whisp of vanilla. Great example of port wood new make working its magic.

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TIMBOON Distillery Port Expression Single Malt Whisky

TIMBOON Distillery Port Expression Single Malt Whisky. In the 1890’s, one Tom Delaney was one of the most notorious bootleg distillers in the country. According to legend, he was producing over 100 gallons a week of the sweet nectar he dubbed “Mountain Dew” from his undercover distillery in the Timboon region until he was eventually caught and prosecuted by the authorities.

The story struck a chord with young Josh Walker who took over the old Timboon Distillery just a few years ago. The sense of history resonated with him as he set out to establish a modern distillery for the region.

Today, Josh crafts exceptional premium Single Malt Whiskeys in a traditional Scottish style. This iteration was finished in a port cask, a rich and warming style of Whisky filled with sweet dark fruit notes and a long sustained finish.

These are single cask Whiskys that are extremely limited. A modern spirit honouring the checkered past of the local distillers of yesteryear.

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