VENDAGE Bio Organic Alcohol Free Wine Rouge (6 bottles)


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Tasting Notes: Vendanges Rouge is a warm and welcoming organic red wine which you will enjoy for its aromas emanating the full range of fruits of the forest. Very accessible, it is especially recommended for meats with sauces, and game and can be enjoyed on any occasion.

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VENDAGE Bio Organic Alcohol Free Wine Rouge (6 bottles)

VENDAGE Bio Organic Alcohol Free Wine Rouge are organic, virgin-pure non-alcoholic wines grown and processed with the utmost care. Organic wines are characterized by traditional grape cultivation, completely free of pesticides or fertilizers. The next step is the clean processing of grapes without adding sugar and other commonly added substances. The sulphide content is absolutely minimal as well. The result is a totally pure and fresh taste with slower opening of aromas and flavours compared to traditional wines. This is one of the reasons why opened organic wines last significantly longer without losing quality.

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