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Buy Jinro Soju Online in Malaysia

The simple meaning for soju is “burned liquor”. Burned liquor refers to how the alcohol in soju is distilled at a high temperature. This type of alcohol is clear and distilled, made from rice.

Soju is by far the most popular distilled spirit in South Korea. It originates in Korea and is mostly consumed in the country of origin, Japan, and China. 

Jinro Soju is frequently the best-selling liquor brand in the world and soju outsells all other types of liquor as it is so popular and delicious.

Single distillation is the traditional method for producing soju. Wheat is washed, dried, and crushed before mixed with water, filtered, and combined with boiled rice. This fermentation starter, known as nuruk, is placed in a pot and left to ferment with water for 15 days. Following fermentation, the rice wine is cooked in a sot, a Korean cauldron equipped with a still, or soju gori, which gathers the vaporised alcohol.

Following Korea's independence from Japan and the Korean War years in the 1950s, soju production was jeopardised once more by rice scarcity in the 1960s. Because the government prohibited the use of rice for soju illegal, distilleries began to substitute rice with sweet potatoes, wheat, barley, and tapioca. The prohibition was lifted in the 1990s, and some soju is now distilled from rice again. The best soju is frequently produced using a blend of starches.

Premium soju made using traditional methods has a significantly higher ABV, often exceeding 50%, but is smoother, with different brands claiming their distinct tastes and scents ranging from floral to fruity.

Most bottles of soju will contain between 16% to 45% alcohol by volume (ABV, 32 to 90 proof). Many elderly people favour stronger bottles of soju, but younger people enjoy the milder flavour of the lower alcohol content varieties.

It tastes similar to vodka but lacks the harsh alcohol burn due to having around half the percentage of alcohol. As a result, it also has half the calories. Usually, it is packaged in a classic green bottle.

Soju's taste can vary considerably due to lax laws concerning the ingredients used to make it. In general, it tastes like a low-alcohol, flavourless version of vodka, but it's more viscous and slightly sweeter. The flavour is typically astringent, so you may detect a bitterness behind its mild sweetness.

Soju is simple to consume directly due to its low alcohol concentration.

Like vodka, it is available in a variety of flavours. It generally attracts younger consumers and tastes like spiked fruit juice, even arriving in juice-like packaging. Flavoured soju is available in apple, blueberry, citrus, grape, grapefruit, peach, pineapple, pomegranate, and more.

It's also vital to keep it in a dark, cool environment. If the soju is stored in a sunny location without a cap, the flavour and taste of the soju may be affected.

Food pairing with Soju

Like wine, soju goes well with food, particularly Korean food. Given that it is the country's national spirit, the two go hand in hand. For example sweet or spicy foods, such as grilled pig belly, fish cakes, kimchi, and spicy fish stew. The soju balances out the spicy flavours and emphasises the richness in these more umami-forward foods. Soju can also be paired with street food favourites like tteokbokki (a rice and fish cake) or salty shrimp.

High-proof soju will hold up better in cocktails than milder variants, which might be lost among the other flavours in a drink. It is a flexible drink that may be savoured as a shot or swapped for vodka and gin in cocktails, depending on whether you want it pure and plain or infused with fruity flavours.

Soju is not just a drink; it's a way of life. It may be taken at festivities, parties, dining or just when you want to get to know someone a little better. 

You can look for famous cocktail recipes that utilise soju published online to enjoy, such as Korean Yogurt Soju Cocktail, Somaek, Subak soju, Soju Mokhito, Soju Iced Tea, Coquille, Bada Martini and so on.

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