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DEWAR’S whisky was founded in 1846 on Perth High Street by John Dewar Sr as a wine and spirits merchant. John sold blended whisky with his name on the bottles, which was unusual at the time, and it wasn’t long before he was supplying bars and hotels throughout Scotland with his product.

Having won over 1000 medals in international competitions to date, including three medals at the 2019 International Whisky Competition, Dewar’s is one of the best blended Scotch whisky in the world!

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John Alexander Dewar, John’s son, joined the business in 1871 and eventually became a partner eight years later. After his father died in 1880, John Alexander took over the family company. Then, in 1884, Thomas ‘Tommy’ Dewar joined the business, and the brand grew rapidly.

Queen Victoria awarded a Royal Warrant to Dewar’s in 1893, and the company has earned Royal Warrants from every British monarch thereafter.

Now, Dewar’s is a single malt and blended Scotch whiskey brand owned by Bacardi, which claims the brand’s “White Label” is the best-selling blended Scotch in the United States. This whisky is a classic blend that has, throughout the years, maintained its reputation as an accessible and smooth Scotch. 

Dewar’s is the most awarded blended Scotch whisky globally!

In addition to winning more than 1000 awards worldwide, Dewar’s has won the hearts and palates of Americans, ranking as one of the nation’s top whisky brands overall. Dewar’s fans include the VinePair tasting crew.

The new appearance and feel of Dewar begin with a distinct shape for each bottle in the range. The bold colours, stoppers, seals, presentation boxes, labels, unique fonts, and product information are all inspired and taken from the brand archive in Scotland. In addition, the labels on the new Dewar’s bottles include special features to assist consumers in learning more about the Scotch whisky.

Dewar’s logo is a version of the Celtic truth knot, sometimes known as a “love knot.” It is one of the oldest Celtic symbols, indicating strength and longevity. The Dewar family carried this symbol’s meaning to the next level, integrating three Ds for the three Dewars who started the business most likely with the expectation that their family name would carry on in the brand. Thanks to the millions of Dewar enthusiasts, the Dewar family’s heritage has lived on.

Dewar’s was double aged for extra smoothness. The time-intensive process ensures that Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky is as smooth as possible. Seven Master Blenders have pioneered, improved, and perfected the double ageing process for nearly 150 years.

Since 1881, they have been pioneering this process to bring better harmony and additional smoothness to all of Dewar’s blends. Today, they still utilise this unique production method to create a flavour that has won prizes and recognition, creating Dewar’s the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky.

The brand ages its Scotch twice, once before and once after blending. According to Dewar’s, the double-ageing process results in a more balanced whisky. To put it simply, they age, blend and age again. Producing the whisky in this method ensured that all of the flavours from the parts had time to intertwine. Forging a harmonious, well-balanced, unbelievably smooth blended scotch whisky.

Dewar’s whisky is fairly constant, which is ideal for a mix. The first impression on the nose is peaches, followed by fresh cut grass and apple. On the palate, you’ll notice leather and toffee with a hint of smoke and vanilla. The finish is medium, with a hint of herbs and a cracked pepper aftertaste. This whisky is instantly recognised for its flavour profile, scent, and signature burn, yet each bottle from various batches will have something different in it. 

Best ways to drink Dewar’s whisky

Dewar’s can be enjoyed straight from the glass, on the rocks, with a bit of water, ginger ale, or even club soda.

Dewar’s can also be served in a cocktail shaker rather than neat or on the rocks. And it’s safe to assume that the less expensive Dewar’s options are better suited to heavy-handed cocktails with bold contrasting tastes like blackberry or citrus. Blood and Sand, Whiskey Highball, Whiskey and Coconut, Dramble, Bobby Burns, and Penicillin are examples of Dewar’s cocktails.

Dewar’s is best paired with Grilled Chicken Skewers and Truffle Oil Pancakes or Hot Dogs.

Dewar’s can be sent as a unique Birthday, Congratulations, Housewarming, Thank You, Wedding, Wedding Anniversary, or Corporate Gifts.

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