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Glenmorangie Whisky

Dive into the wondrous world of Glenmorangie, a beacon of single malt Scotch whisky excellence. Hailing from the tranquil valleys of Scotland’s Highlands, Glenmorangie has been enchanting palates for over a century with its signature smoothness and fruitiness.

History and Origins

Glenmorangie (“valley of tranquillity in Scots Gaelic) is a renowned single malt Scotch whisky brand from the serene highlands of Tarlogie Springs in Ross-shire, Scotland. It was established in 1843 by William Matheson and his wife Anne.

The distillery is popular for having the tallest stills in Scotland and has been in the exact place it was founded, effortlessly upholding a legacy of crafting exquisite whiskies, each echoing the spirit of its beloved Highland home.

What is Glenmorangie known for?

This brand is celebrated worldwide for its unparalleled silkiness, richness, and beautiful complexity. The distillery crafts about 10 million bottles annually and is known to be one of the best-selling Scottish single malts. Their whiskies are a well-poised blend of fruity and colourful floral notes, making them a favorite among novices and connoisseurs.

Glenmorangie, renowned for its intricate whiskies, attributes its hallmark character to the meticulous use of only the finest oak casks during maturation. These casks are utilized a maximum of twice, ensuring the extraction of optimal flavor and contributing to a well-rounded finish, whereas other distilleries might reuse them up to six times.

Glenmorangie pioneered the craft of extra-maturation, incorporating innovative wood finishes like Madeira, Port, and Sherry to craft ingenious expressions. Among its acclaimed offerings are the Original, Lasanta, Quinta Ruban, and Nectar D’Or, not to mention the limited edition Glenmorangie Grand Vintage series.

Tasting notes

How does Glenmorangie taste?

Glenmorangie whiskies boast a symphony of flavours with a pure and fragrant spirit. They burst wonderfully with robust notes of fresh fruit and flowers. Its character and style are delicate, with hints of tangy orange, malt, sultana, and golden honey.

Which is the sweetest Glenmorangie?

The Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or Sauternes Finish matured in Sauternes casks is known for its sweetness complemented by spicy undertones. Hints of ginger, nutmeg lemon meringue and honeycomb characterize this spirit.

Is Glenmorangie a smoky whisky?

The whisky is crafted using unpeated barley, so its flavour profile does not hold any smokiness.

Serving tips

What is the best way to drink?

This drink is versatile and can be served in different ways. Savour the whisky neat, with a splash of water, or on the rocks for optimal tasting. Adding a few drops of water can bring out the fruity notes and floral aromas. For a refreshing twist, mixing in some ginger ale or club soda is recommended.

What goes best with Glenmorangie?

Glenmorangie pairs beautifully with alternative foods, which are ideal for those looking for a new whisky experience. Avoid meat-heavy dishes and instead opt for lighter foods like sashimi, sushi, or salmon with a bit of heat to it (i.e. adding fennel or wasabi).

Glenmorangie: A toast to Scotland’s authentic essence!

It is more than just a whisky; it’s an adventure—a journey through Scotland’s rich heritage encapsulated in every bottle. Glenmorangie promises a taste that lingers memorably on your tongue.

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