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  • Aroma: A strong Aruba espresso fused with a treacly plum pudding, rich with sherry, and candied orange peel.
  • Palate: A contrast of rich sweetness with an explosive crackle of sizzling spices and bitter mocha.
  • Finish: A fresh spring-like breeze of mint with a bright citrus lemony-green quality.

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Released in 2008, Glenmorangie is a very special coffee inspired whisky. It is mocha reimagined. Bursting with bitter coffee and sizzling spice, it is a whisky of unprecedented style and taste.

Ever since the Glenmorangie Distillery was founded, they have dedicated themselves to crafting perfect single malt whiskies. 

Natural spring water sourced from their most prized asset, Tarlogie Spring, serves as a unique raw ingredient to produce this wonderfully fruity spirit. Using the tallest copper stills in Scotland for distilling allows more space for crafting the magical aroma and flavours of the Signet. The Signet whiskey is then matured in the best virgin oak casks to create distinct flavour profiles.

Tasting notes

It begins with a kaleidoscope of swirling flavours on the nose—coffee, ginger, and cinnamon melted into dark chocolate and candied peels. You will taste notes of fruitiness balanced against richer flavours of coffee and cocoa like the aromatic Aruba espresso. Then, an explosion of roasted spices hints at bitter mocha sherried sweetness, and teases your taste buds as it takes you on an extraordinary journey. 

Glenmorangie Signet is indeed a beautiful dram that highlights the qualities of Scottish Highland’s rocky mountains and crashing waves. 

Is Glenmorangie Signet a blend?

Glenmorangie Signet is a unique blend of chocolate malt and elements of some of the distillery’s oldest and rarest stocks ranging from 35 to 40 years old, though it carries a no-age-statement (NAS). 

The idea of the Signet first came to Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation, while he was savouring a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. After years of experimentation, the whisky finally came to life and filled the distillery with an espresso-like aroma like an Italian coffee bar. 

It is distilled through giraffe-high copper-pot stills twice by a team of 16 distillers called the ‘Sixteen Men of Tain’ and subsequently matured in customized American virgin oak casks. Right after, it is bottled at 46% alcohol by volume (ABV) and receives non-chill filtration.

Glenmorangie Signet’s limited release

Every now and then, limited editions are launched in commemoration of rare occasions.

In 2021, the limited edition Signet Ristretto was released exclusively to Korean travel retail. With only 1,500 bottles available, it highlights the brand’s 175 years of whisky-making through the combination of coffee and dark chocolate flavours. 

The Signet Ristretto offers a more intense and darker expression of chocolate flavour. This special edition was launched to double down on the original award-winning Glenmorangie Signet that had gained popularity within the South Korean market.  

Serving tips and food pairings for Glenmorangie Signet

The best way to drink the Signet whisky is to enjoy it with chocolate due to their similar flavour profiles. Hence, milk chocolate is an excellent choice to go with Glenmorangie. The smooth, mellow tones of the whisky complement the creamy texture of the milk chocolate.

Besides that, the Signet is also often paired with dessert. It is a marvellous combination, where food and whisky come together in perfect harmony. 

Passionfruit mousse with praline sauce is a delightful dessert to pair with the whisky.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try whipping up a cocktail of your own! Here’s one:

  1. Add 45ml of Glenmorangie Signet single malt scotch whisky, 20ml of lemon juice, 15ml of sugar syrup, 10ml of bitters, and 10ml of egg white into the shaker and dry shake.
  2. Then, add 100ml of ice into the shaker and shake well. 
  3. Strain it into a cold saucer glass.
  4. Finally, garnish it with bitters to serve.

Otherwise, simply drink it on the rocks.

Notable awards

World Whiskies Awards 2020 — Gold
The Luxury Masters 2020 — Gold
San Fransisco World Spirits Competition 2020 — Silver
New York International Spirits Competition 2020 — Double Gold
International Spirits Challenge 2020 — Gold
World Whiskies Awards 2019 — Silver
New York International Spirits Competition 2019 — Double Gold
International Wine & Spirit Competition 2019 — Gold
International Spirits Challenge 2019 — Gold

Full-bodied and rich in flavour, Glenmorangie Signet is an inviting single malt whisky inspired by coffee that draws the attention of old and new whisky lovers. It is the perfect drink to enjoy with someone special for moments worth celebrating. 

Get a bottle now to experience the rich intensity of this exclusive blend!

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