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  • Aroma: Creamy. Some sherried fruit with a trailing hint of smoke. Prune, custard and espresso bean.
  • Palate: Sweet, malty, a gentle peat but nonetheless the mouth feel is very clean. Vanilla, peaches in cream and subtle oak.
  • Finish: Ginger, malt, nutty nougat and maybe a little grapefruit zest.

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Nestled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the exceptional Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a testament to time-honored distillation traditions and Scotland’s renowned whisky heritage.

A blend of age-old craftsmanship and the pristine waters of the Pitilie Burn, this single malt offers an unparalleled sensory journey that captures the very essence of the Highlands. It offers a fruity, smooth and polished flavour profile with honey and spice which will leave you in awe.

Whether you’re a seasoned whisky enthusiast or embarking on your malt journey, Aberfeldy 12 promises an alluring experience that will captivate you!

What is Aberfeldy 12 year old?

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old is a classic Highland whisky, representing the epitome of quality. This laid-back sipper is a well-poised blend of sweetness, honey, fruit and spice, making it a prime introduction to the distillery’s signature offerings. The bottle is even wrapped with a handsome black and rose coloured label to complement the opulent flavours!

The spirit is bottled at 40% ABV and is aged in a combination of Sherry, Bourbon, re-fill and re-char oak casks. A little-known fact about the bottling process is the “Angels’ Share”- a portion of the whisky that evaporates while it is maturing in oak casks before being bottled. Nearly a third is lost by the time the 12 year old is bottled.

Where did Aberfeldy 12 come from?

Founded in 1896 by John Dewar & Sons, Ltd., Aberfeldy Distillery has been crafting premium whiskies since 1898. Situated on the outskirts of Aberfeldy, this distillery has faced challenges, including shutdowns during the World Wars due to barley shortages. Yet, its resilience and commitment to quality have ensured its prominence in the whisky world.

The distillery’s secret weapon? The natural pure waters of the Pitilie Burn that runs through the distillery and known for its gold deposits. This water source lends Aberfeldy 12 its sophisticated and unique flavours.

Tasting notes

What does Aberfeldy Scotch taste like?

The whisky is full-bodied boasting a golden yellow colour. On the tongue, it is a syrupy and velvety blend of rich honey, plump fruits, crisp apple, peaches in cream, vanilla fudge and a hint of peat and subtle oak, enhanced by undertones of sweet spice.

On the nose, it is a delightful and delicate dance of sherried fruit, a dash of smoke, soft prune, custard, espresso bean and fresh nutmeg.

This honeyed dram offers a warm, dry and lasting finish, characterized by zesty grapefruit, malt, nougat, and spicy ginger with a bitter whisper of Seville oranges.

Is Aberfeldy 12 smoky?

This drink carries just a faint trail of smokiness in its flavours which is not overpowering. The caramel sweetness and spice make the light notes of peat almost unnoticeable to some palates!

Serving suggestions

What do you mix with Aberfeldy 12?

The spirit’s refined honey and fruity flavors allow it to be a phenomenal rockstar in cocktails making it a versatile whisky to have at home. One recommended concoction is the “Highland Highball” cocktail. Here’s the recipe:

  • Get yourself a highball glass filled with ice.
  • Pour 2 oz of Aberfeldy 12 Year Old whisky
  • Add in soda water and carefully mix it all together.
  • Finish with a garnish of twisted lemon peel, letting the drink soak up its oils.
  • Sit back, sip and enjoy!

How do you drink Aberfeldy 12?

The drink can also can also be enjoyed neat, or on the rocks if cocktails are not for you. This spirit is popular for its smoothness and approachable character, so it is a go-to choice among both novice and experienced whisky drinkers.


  • Whisky of the Month- The Whisky Exchange (August 2015)
  • Master Highlands & Islands up to 12yo – 2013 (The Scotch Whisky Masters – The Spirits Business)
  • Gold Distillers’ Single Malts 12 years and under – 2020 (International Spirits Challenge)
  • Gold Scotch Single Malt – Highland – 2019 (International Wine & Spirit Competition)
  • Gold The Spirits Packaging Awards – 2018 IWSC Design & Media Awards
  • Gold Highlands & Islands up to 12yo – 2015 (The Scotch Whisky Masters – The Spirits Business)
  • Gold Highland Single Malt 12 Years and Under – 2014 (World Whiskies Awards)
  • Gold Speyside Single Malts up to 12yo – 2014 (The Scotch Whisky Masters – The Spirits Business)
  • Silver Single Malt Scotch – to 12 Yrs – 2022 (San Francisco World Spirits Competition)
  • Silver Highlands & Islands up to 12yo – 2022 (The Scotch Whisky Masters – The Spirits Business)
  • Silver Distillers’ Single Malts 12 years and under – 2022 (International Spirits Challenge)
  • Silver Distillers’ Single Malts 12 years and under – 2019 (International Spirits Challenge)
  • Silver Highlands & Islands Premium – 2018 (The Scotch Whisky Masters – The Spirits Business)
  • Silver Outstanding Scotch Single Malt – Highland – 2017 (International Wine & Spirit Competition)
  • Silver Outstanding Scotch Single Malt – Highland – 2014 (International Wine & Spirit Competition)
  • Silver Distillers’ Single Malts 12 years and under – 2014 (International Spirits Challenge)
  • Silver Single Malt Scotch – to 12 Yrs – 2013 (San Francisco World Spirits Competition)
  • Silver Scotch Single Malt – Speyside – 2022 (International Wine & Spirit Competition)
  • Silver Scotch Single Malt – Highland – 2013 (International Wine & Spirit Competition)

Experience luxury with Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

This creamy and fruity Highland whisky with glowing reviews is an essential addition to any whisky collection.  Buy a bottle now at a low price in Malaysia!

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18 January 2024
Nirmeela C.
I recommend this product

Fantastic service!

Excellent. Both the whisky and the service was simply phenomenal…👍�

  • Finish Smooth
  • Palate Strong
  • Nose Great
25 November 2023



21 February 2021
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

All time favourite

Best whisky anytime

  • Finish Ginger, malt, nutty
  • Palate Malty, sweet, light
  • Nose Creamy