ARRAN Moscatel De Setubal Wine Casks

70cl, 55%

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Tasting Notes:

  • Colour: Deep, deep copper.
  • Nose: Intense. Oak, orange peel, butter and molasses.
  • Palate: Again some very complex and intense flavours. Absolutely delicious – rich fruit, primarily plums. Syrupy sweetness at the front of the palate, yet quickly outmanoeuvred by some intense spice and heat.
  • Finish: Very long; flavours and warmth keep building before eventually dropping away.

ARRAN Moscatel De Setubal Wine Casks

A wonderful cask strength whisky, which is finished off in Moscatel De Setubal wine casks. The Arran Moscatel De Setubal Wine Cask Whisky spends 10 months in the wine casks, allowing an added depth of flavour to be imparted into this remarkable dram.

Moscatel de Setubal is a fortified Muscat wine produced in the Setubal Municipality of Portugal. This Arran has spent 8 years maturing in ex-bourbon before being transferred into this particular style of dessert wine for a finishing period of 10 months. It was bottled in 2008 at 55% ABV.

This Arran Moscatel is bold and opulent with expressive flavours and excellent weight and texture in the mouth. However, it’s also rather powerful at 55% which might prove too much for some. Water is beneficially to reducing some of the heat, but also introduces much more sweetness, which might not be desired given the levels of richness which are already inherent. I’d also question whether the Arran spirit character is given enough space to shine here – it feels rather hidden behind a wall of Moscatel to me. Nevertheless, big whisky is big.

Limited to 5,730 bottles.

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