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  • Colour: Opaque creamy taupe.
  • Aroma: Maple sugar, ground roasted nuts, coffee, hazelnut and chocolate.
  • Palate: White chocolate, vanilla, espresso, cocoa, toasted nut and almond.
  • Finish: Medium bodied, soft, smooth, clean, balanced and sweet.

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BAILEYS Irish Cream Whiskey

The Baileys Irish Cream is an Irish cream liqueur made by Diageo at Nangor Road in Dublin, Ireland and in Mallusk, Northern Ireland. Irish liquor is basically an alcoholic beverage that is flavoured with cream cocoa and Irish whiskey! Yummy!

Owned by Gilbeys of Ireland, alcohol content is at 17% by volume for Baileys liquor. Invented in 1971 for Gilbeys of Ireland by a team headed by Tom Jago, the Baileys is the original Irish cream. The team wanted to introduce something new to the international market and thus a combination of Irish whiskey plus cream was formed! Baileys Irish liqueur was first put on the market in 1974.

Manufactured from various distilleries, the Baileys recipe required the cream and IRish whiskey to be homogenised to form an emulsion. This process prevents the alcohol and cream from separating when it is stored. No preservatives are required as the alcohol content preserves the cream. 

Over the years, there have been a few variant flavours. In 2005, the mint chocolate and creme carabel were released in the United Kingdom first and in 2006 to the United States, Australia and Canada. In 2008, a coffee variant of this best Irish cream. In 2009, the Baileys Gold was released in Europe. 2010 saw a hazelnut variant and in 2011, Biscotti. 

In 2013, there was also a premium product from Baileys called the Baileys Chocolat Luxe, a combination of Belgian chocolate with Baileys. There have been several other variant flavours released such as the Bailey’s strawberry and cream, red velvet cupcake, pumpkin spice and the latest (in 2020) the apple pie flavour. However, the original Baileys Irish cream liqueur has remained the most popular to date. 

Does Baileys go bad? Well the manufacturer claims that Baileys Irish cream drinks have a shelf life of 24 months and the taste is guaranteed for two years of the manufacture date, whether it is opened or not and regardless of the Baileys drink being refrigerated or not. Store your bottle of Baileys alcohol away from direct sunlight. 

With a bottle of Baileys, your drinks will surely be delicious! After all, it’s one of the best Irish whiskey and with the added cream, yummy! There are all kinds of Baileys Irish cream recipes available on the internet. You just have to do a bit of research. One of our favourites is the Baileys ice cream, Baileys hot chocolate or for the coffee addicts, the Baileys coffee! Guaranteed to satisfy your tastebuds! 

How to drink Baileys? Many people enjoy the liqueur over ice. Some like it mixed into cocktails, martinis and to brew a cup of Irish coffee. Drinks with Baileys include Bailey’s salted caramel hot chocolate (yum!), Baileys latte, the above mentioned and very popular Baileys coffee and more! Honestly, if you just need a slight kick in your drinks that require cream, go for Baileys. It’s a proper grown up treat just for you. 

Also known as the best Irish cream, a bottle of Baileys is always a welcome addition to your liquor cabinet.


Baileys’ Irish Cream is an alcoholic Irish cream liqueur manufactured by Diageo at Nangor Road in Dublin, Ireland, and at Mallusk in Northern Ireland. It was invented in 1973.

Cream, cocoa and Irish whiskey are the main ingredients in Baileys’. The primary ingredient of Irish whiskey is barley. Triple-distilled from unmalted barley, it’s most commonly blended with grain whiskey, but there are also single malts.

Baileys alcohol content is 17% by volume.

Baileys’ Irish cream liquor is opaque creamy taupe in colour, just like beige-coloured, strong milky coffee.

Often, Baileys’ is served straight over ice or is used to make shooters, martinis, and Irish coffee. You can even enjoy it in milkshakes or hot chocolate.

In fact, don’t be surprised that some of the best things to mix with Baileys’ are cold brews, Guinness, Earl Grey tea, and even ice cream!

Yes. The alcohol content of Baileys’ is 17%. Wine contains varying levels of alcohol, with the highest being around 15 – 15%.
Though Irish cream liqueur has a sweet taste, it still contains more alcohol than most types of wine or beer.

The original and iconic Baileys’ label sets the standard for all other Irish cream liqueurs. There is probably no other Irish cream liqueur people can name other than this and it’s commonly available in any liquor store and bars.

Yes. There is an approximately two-year shelf life for Baileys’ Irish cream. Regardless of how you store it, the dairy in this liquor will start to turn bad as it turns two years and you should not drink it.

As mentioned on the label, no you don’t have to refrigerate Bailey’s, either opened or unopened. But if you like it cold, you could store your bottle in the fridge overnight before consuming.

Yes, Baileys contain milk and milk products such as cream, thus those who are dairy or lactose intolerant should not consume it.

There are 12 flavours available globally. Baileys makes a wonderful addition to coffees, cocktails, cold frappés and hot chocolate, served over ice.

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17 February 2023
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Taste nice Delivery fast Service nice

  • Finish Sweet
  • Palate Creamy
  • Nose Vanilla
WHISKY.MY BAILEY’S Irish Cream ReviewWHISKY.MY BAILEY’S Irish Cream Review
02 January 2022
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BAILEY’S Irish Cream

This is my fav drink and I like the taste , and it sold out everywhere. Luckily, I found this at my fav store in Fast delivery , and good service. I love it !

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07 September 2021
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No surprice

Just a boring liquor, it is too sweet

  • Finish great
  • Palate boring
  • Nose Cocoa